5 Important Steps to Get International Driving License If You Live in Dubai

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International Driving license V1 in the picture a UAE international driving license is shown

According to Wikipedia, an International Driving license often called an International Driving Permit (IDP), is a translation of a domestic driving license. It allows the license holder to drive a private vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognizes the document. With so many expats calling Dubai home, getting your international driving license there can seem complicated.

But with these five simple steps, it’s not only possible but straightforward!

Step#1: Research the requirements

Dubai is a bustling metropolis with an international reputation. Like many major cities, it has strict regulations for drivers. Residents must have a UAE driving license to use a vehicle in Dubai. But if you are not a resident of UAE, then an international driving license from your home country is required.

But how do you get one? Well, here are 5 easy steps that will help get you on the road ASAP:

  • Find out if your passport is valid.
  • Get International driving license application forms.
  • Book yourself for an RTA driving test.
  • Study for the theory test by reading through this handy list of the most commonly asked questions before taking it.
  • Take your practical test after passing the theory test. To clear the practical test, you must practice a lot.

Remember, it’s against UAE law not to carry your international driving license while driving in Dubai. So don’t forget yours when you leave!

Step#2: Gather the required documents

Every person needs to have their own IDL. So, ensure you bring your passport with all relevant visa entries/stamps if a person doesn’t have a UAE residency.

  • Calling beforehand to confirm that they are accepting applications.
  • Obtaining approval from someone residing in Dubai.
  • Getting authorization from any immigration officer at an airport.
  • It is imperative to arrive early at the office to beat queues.

When applying for IDLs, residents will need one clear color photo of themselves. Ensure that your photos meet specific guidelines.

Non-residents should also submit a valid passport and Emirates ID card with copies of their IDL during this process. A photocopy of the applicant’s vehicle ownership document is also required when applying for an international driver’s license. The procedure for issuing an international driving license varies depending on whether one lives in Dubai or elsewhere.

Step#3: Schedule an appointment

You can apply online and get an appointment by visiting the RTA website.

  • The very first step is to fill out the application form. All applicants must provide their UAE residency ID card number and a copy of their Emirates ID card or passport.
  • The next step is to book an appointment online with one of their specialists. They will then contact you within two to three working days.
  • The last step is simply picking up your license and drive anywhere in the world!

According to RTA Dubai, an international driving license validity is one year.

Step#4: Take the test

Those who want to drive outside their home country must have an international driving license. For international driving licenses, there are a few steps that need to be followed, with the first one is getting a valid driver’s license from where they live. After this, it’s necessary to have that driver’s license translated into English or Arabic by a certified translator for an international license Dubai.

The next step is to take a theory test online or on paper. For test preparation, you should join a driving institute. After passing the test, you can take their practical exam. It would be best if you practiced hard for the practical exam because driving on the road is difficult. Once you pass both tests, you are ready to hit the streets with your new IDL!

Take the test driving test practice

For those living in Dubai, complete all the requirements mentioned above before applying at the RTA head office in Dubai. Their office is at Al Garhoud, Street – 5 Marrakech St – next to Emirates Metro Station – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Remember to apply 2 weeks before traveling so as not to forget any vital information like expired insurance or out-of-date passports.

Finally, remember to carry your driver’s license when leaving the country. So that border patrol knows you’re authorized for international travel. Also, please bring your passport (or other photo ID) since many countries require it upon crossing borders.

Step#5: Get your license

An international driving license is issued by authorities of a country other than that where the driver resides. It is a legal document allowing someone to drive a vehicle within that country legally. The IDL is a translation of one’s home country’s driver’s license, but it does not replace it.

Obtaining an IDL varies from country to country. Sometimes, it may require attending traffic school or passing written tests. You will also have to pay for your International Driving License before receiving it. Once obtained, an international driver’s permit should be carried when operating a motor vehicle in any foreign territory. However, certain countries do not accept International Driving Licenses and only take international permits issued by their government.