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10 Damascus Knives Every Kitchen Should Have

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Damascus Knives

Often we use the same knife for all kitchen jobs, even if it’s not designed for that particular type. For example, we buy one chef’s knife and use it in all areas: for peeling vegetables, for slicing meat, and for bread Don’t do it like that!

Different types of knives are necessary not only for popular chefs and sous-chefs but also for ordinary people.

Below is a comprehensive list of ten knives that are indispensable in the kitchen, both professional and at home.

1) The first candidate has a beautiful name – Damascus steel knife.

The name already hints at Damascus roots, which means unsurpassed quality. This elegant knife has a round tip and a unique edge that prevents food from sticking. It can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen, but its three main areas are general cutting, dicing, and chopping. The best inhabitant of your kitchen in this category will be the Damascus steel knife set (F-331), with a blade length of 170 mm, VG10 steel, stabilized wood handle, and sharpening #8000.

2) What should be in the daily diet of everyone? Vegetables and fruits! So, the second most important knife is for vegetables and fruits.

A small vegetable knife with a short, sharp blade is one of the most versatile tools. It is extremely easy to handle due to its small size, yet it is extremely efficient for multiple tasks such as cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables. 

The price range of these representatives of the kitchen garrison is extensive. An ideal budget option would be a FUJI CUTLERY Special series (FK-405) vegetable knife. And if you want a more sophisticated option, then you should pay attention to the Damascus Shippu vegetable knife with an original design.

3) Everyone is the chef in their kitchen, so the number three must-have option is a chef’s knife.

You don’t have to be a true restaurant chef to use it. This knife can rightfully be called the best everyday option. The long blade makes it even safer compared to smaller sharp knives. However, for best results, you should sharpen your chef knife regularly. Let’s not forget about the aesthetics, which, for example, the chef’s knife Damascus PRO (F-888) has.

4) The fourth candidate has a name, almost like a superhero – Slicer.

And rightly stands on a par with them. A slicer is commonly used to cut thin slices of meat ranging from cooked chicken and poultry to large roasts. It is longer than a chef’s knife. Since it is also thinner than the latter, especially at the spine, only it can perfectly cope with cutting thin slices. It may not seem like the most important knife, but when it comes to slicing, no other knife can do the job. Also, if you are hosting large parties and dinner parties, a knife such as the Damascus Service Knife (FD-706) will make a spectacular presence.

5) Bread is the head of everything, and for it, you need a separate tool – a bread knife.

It has a long, rectangular blade with serrated grooves. If you like bread that is cut so that the crust remains intact, a bread knife is a must for you.

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Incidentally, it can also be used to cut thin-skinned fruits such as peaches. The classic representative of this type is the Damascus Western bread knife (F-737).

6) Fans of fish dishes should pay special attention to the presence of a fillet knife in their arsenal.

Perfect filleting is achieved due to the flexibility and precision of cutting with such a knife. The long and thin blade, like the Damascus Yanagiba Sashimi Knife (F-1058), cuts fish delicately and easily removes bones for a perfect fillet.

7) Meat-eaters cannot do without a cleaver or kitchen hatchet.

It is he who can cut large pieces of meat. This knife with a heavy rectangular blade cuts through meat and bones. A cleaver such as the Damascus Nakiri (F-300) can also be used to easily and quickly chop vegetables.

8) Do you cut poultry and meat yourself, and do not buy ready-made on the market? Then the boning knife should have a special place in your kitchen.

It is the most useful tool for butchering or deboning fish, meat, or poultry of all shapes and sizes. It does not cut through the bones like a cleaver but gently separates them. You will need a boning knife such as the Damascus PRO (F-885) so that the meat can be easily cut into thin and precise pieces.

9 Do you like picnics? Then you need a utility knife for slicing snacks.

Due to its special wavy blade, such a knife as, example, Damascus Flash (FF-AUT150) is great for cutting cheese, sausage, and slices of vegetables. Its unique grooves prevent food from sticking to the edge of the knife.

10) Rounding out the rating is a knife that can handle any task – a utility knife.

This is the option that is perfect for any job: cleaning, slicing vegetables and fruits, chopping food. Cut whatever you need! The main thing is to approach his choice consciously and make sure of the quality. And the best quality, as you know, is provided by Damascus products. So take a look at something like the Kanetsugu Special Offer (2002) with a rosewood handle.

And one more important thing for any kind of knife is sharpening. So do not forget to buy a high-quality musat in addition to your arsenal of knives.

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