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7 Water Heater Buying Errors to Avoid for Your Business

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water heater buying errors

Finding the right water heater for your building requires knowing what not to do. Here are common water heater buying errors to avoid for your business.

The water heater you choose for your office building can make or break your day. Water heaters are entirely different machines, and failing to address the differences can lead to tragic consequences.

If you want your employees to have easy access to hot water, you must ensure that you pick the right water heater for your business. To learn more about these water heater buying errors, keep reading.

For instance, you want a water heater that matches the flow rate of your plumbing system. You want to ensure that you get a water heater that can fit your facility.

You also want to make sure that you get a water heater with replaceable parts. Here are the errors you should avoid when picking options for water heaters for your business.

1. Not Considering the Importance of Commercial-Grade Water Heaters

One of the most common mistakes businesses make when buying water heaters is overlooking the importance of commercial-grade models. These models are designed to withstand heavy use and are long-lasting. A commercial-grade water heater can provide years of trouble-free service with proper maintenance.

If you choose a cheaper, lower-quality model, you may replace it sooner than anticipated. It is a waste of money but can also disrupt your business operations if your water heater fails unexpectedly. Avoid these pitfalls, and be sure to research and purchase a water heater that will meet the specific needs of your business.

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2. Paying Too Much for A Water Heater

If your business needs a new water heater, avoid these common errors that can lead to overspending. With so many different types and models of water heaters on the market, it’s critical to study and finds the one that best suits your needs.

Size and capacity are two important factors to consider when purchasing a water heater. Ensure to accurately assess your hot water usage before selecting a model.

A heater’s initial cost is not the only thing to consider – you’ll also want to consider operating costs. Choosing a model with a high energy efficiency rating will help save you money in the long run.

Don’t make the mistake of paying more than you have to for your new water heater. Look around, comparing water heater costs from different suppliers before making your purchase.

3. Not Checking the Warranty

When it comes to business, there are things to keep in mind. Checking the warranty on big purchases is one of the most important things to remember. It is vital when it comes to a water heater. A water heater is a considerable investment; if something goes wrong, it can be very costly to repair or replace.

Warranties can vary in length and coverage, so it’s important to know what you’re getting. Different companies offer limited warranties that only cover the tank, while others will cover parts and labor. If you have a problem with your water heater, you want to be sure that you have coverage.

You could get a big financial headache if you purchase a water heater without checking the warranty. Read the fine print and understand the terms before making a purchase. By doing so, avoid any costly surprises if something goes wrong.

4. Failing to Properly Size the Unit

First, consider the amount of water your business uses daily. It will help you determine the capacity you need. Second, factor in the peak demand periods.

It will help you identify the size and type of unit that best handles your needs. Finally, consider the space you have available for the team. It will ensure that you select a size and type that will fit in the area you have available.

Following these simple steps, you can avoid common sizing errors and ensure that your business has the right water heater for its needs.

5. Not Considering Installation Costs

One of the most common misconceptions about water heaters is that the only cost associated with them is the purchase price. You must consider the cost of installation when budgeting for a new water heater.

It can vary significantly depending on the type of water heater you select and the project’s complexity. For example, a tankless water heater will typically cost more than a traditional tank-style water heater.

Additionally, many businesses make the mistake of assuming that they can replace their existing water heater with a new one of the same type. It is often not the case, as a new water heater requires different types of installation than older models.

 6. Ignoring Replacement Needs

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it has to be replaced. That’s not to say that it will break down within that time frame, but the risk of a breakdown increases with age.

Water heaters are one of those things that you don’t think about until they break down, and by then, it’s usually too late. The cost of a new water heater is less than the cost of repairing or replacing one that has broken down, so it is critical to keep an eye on the age of your water heater and be proactive about replacement.

7. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

One of the worst things a business owner can do is neglect the regular maintenance of their water heater. Doing so will almost certainly lead to unexpected repairs or even replacement prematurely.

It could also be a safety hazard if the water heater is not functioning. Some errors to avoid include:

  • Forgetting to flush the tank regularly to remove sediment build-up
  • Not checking the anode rod and replacing it as needed
  • Not inspecting the water heater for leaks regularly
  • Ignoring strange noises coming from the water heater
  • Failing to have the water heater serviced by a professional at least once per year

Follow This Guide to Avoid These Water Heater Buying Errors

If you’re considering purchasing a water heater for your business, avoid the water heater buying errors listed in this article. Rushing into a purchase not understanding your business’s water needs can cost you more time and money.

Be patient, research, and work with a reputable supplier to find the best water heater for your business. Check our commercial and residential water heaters list, and contact us to learn more.

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