Best Methods to Detect Fraud Movers and Packers

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All are not lucky to get the services of trusted movers and packers. In general, most of the movers are adopting fraudulent practices to survive in the market.

They don’t have the right experience to offer quality services. But they pretend to be the reputed moving companies. But, in reality, these companies are full of fraud people.

These movers and packers cheat new movers. A new mover is ignorant of the ongoing practices in the moving industry. He doesn’t know the right process of choosing the moving companies.

This is the reason why most people fall prey to their fraudulent practices. These movers offer many attractive plans to the customers. Many customers get attracted to their plans and become a victim.

Today, the moving industry is full of moving scams. Fraud companies do a lot of things to attract customers. Let’s know the frauds that are committed by the fraudulent companies:-

High and Random Charges

Quoting high charges without estimating your products indicates that something is wrong. No company can quote you random prices. They can offer you tentative prices, but these charges are not final.

The top movers and packers conduct a pre-move survey. They visit your house and check your items. Once they know the weight and the number of items, they quote their final prices.

Apart from this, they also consider other parameters to quote the final charge to you.

So, when you notice any mover quoting you random prices, this is a warning sign for you. You need to enquire more about this company before hiring it.

Hidden Charges

A few fraud movers and packers make money by forcing you to pay hidden charges. The interesting thing is that you were not aware of these charges.

But you come to know about them once you get your final bill. Your final bill will reflect every additional expense that adds to your total moving cost.

So, you need to take extra care in examining your bill. Notice carefully if the bill shows any odd charges. The moving scammers can charge you due to many invalid reasons.

Sometimes, they say that their vehicle won’t fit in the narrow street. They charge you for that. Many movers charge you to transfer your goods to the smaller truck. They pretend that they need to transfer your products to the smaller vehicle.

Many people fall victim to these frauds and pay these hidden charges.

Cash Deposits In Advance

Many movers and packers want the customers to pay big cash in advance. This amount is non-refundable. If you notice anything like this, then you are trapped by the fraud movers.

Reputed movers don’t force you to pay in cash. So, this is another important sign to identify the fraud movers.

No Physical Address

The registered movers and packers Bangalore to Hyderabad have their physical addresses on their websites. But, if you don’t find any physical address on the site, something is wrong.

The fraud movers don’t have a physical address. They only use their online address. Also, you might be confused in reading their address. Their address includes a city name or a P.O. Box.

If any physical address is given on the website, make sure to check it. There are high chances that this address will be fake or a vacant space.

Sometimes, many people have difficulties in searching for the right address of a company. But even after the repeated attempts, they are not successful in detecting the address of the company. 

Honest companies never do such kinds of illegal things. They adopt the right approach in their business and never indulge in these activities.

Ask For the Written Estimate

Many movers and packers quote a random price to you. They never visit your house for inspecting your articles. These companies only offer you a free quote.

If the professionals of a company do not come to your house, this confirms that they are fraud people.

So, it would also be good to get the written estimate. The free estimate by the movers is just a tentative price. Estimating the final moving cost is possible only if the moving people organize a pre-move survey.

So, never fall a victim to a quote received over the phone. Ask for the written estimate of the moving services. Also, ask to sign a contract with them.

Make sure to go through the contract first before signing it. If it is not clear to you, then something is wrong. If they don’t agree to sign a contract, then that mover is fraud.

Read Negative Reviews about Them

If you want to get detailed insight about your movers, then find their reviews. You will find valuable knowledge about them while going through their reviews.

Make sure to read negative reviews of your moving company to judge it better. Negative reviews tell so much about a company most of the time.

There might be many people who might have fallen victim to the frauds of this company. So, each negative review is a clue for you to find the real image of the company.

Also, take notice of too much of the positive reviews of the company. Most of these reviews are fake and the company’s employees write these reviews by other names.

Multiple Names of the Company

Many fraudulent companies keep changing their names to save their bad image. The people who have already availed their services post negative reviews about them.

So, there are a lot of negative reviews about the company by the different customers. So, to be safe from the poor reviews and ratings, they change their name frequently.

If you note any such thing then research more about the company’s image. You’ll surely know about the company’s standing when you spend more time on the internet.

Once you get to know all this about a company, stay away from that company. This is the easiest thing to save yourself from such companies.


Now you are aware of the different fraudulent activities of the moving scammers. The next thing you need to do is to stay safe from them.

Author: Monali Swain



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