Custom Cardboard Boxes and the Secret Behind their Rising Trend in Packaging Industry

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Custom Cardboard Boxes

When you decide to start your business and manufacture products then, it is important to consider that what kind of packaging material you will use to ship, enclose and display your product. You must be conscious of the design and the quality of your product’s packaging material. Because a flexible and aesthetically pleasing packaging material reflects the outlook of your product multiple folds.

On an industrial level, there is always debate ongoing whether the cardboard material is the right one for manufacturing packaging boxes or simple plastic cartons. The majority agrees with the idea that cardboard in itself is unmatchable. And no other material resides even closer to the tensile and flexible properties of cardboard. Therefore the Custom Cardboard Boxes are largely used for the global packaging shipment processes because of their countless benefits on which I will shed light on in this article.

The Durability of Custom Cardboard Boxes

During the past ten years, the world has changed in an unimaginable and unprecedented way. Just a decade ago, people were happy that they were trading within their country but now the concept has changed almost 360 degrees. Companies are most concerned about the global uproar of their products and since shipping is a time taking process, they rely on corrugated cardboard boxes because of their enhanced resilience. We use thick limitations to enhance the durability of cardboard boxes.

  • Gloss lamination enhances the shine of the packaging surface. It also acts as a primary factor that improves the durability of cardboard packages once they are about to be finalized.
  • Matte lamination to provide a velvety layer to the surface of the package. This lamination gives a smooth and soft experience to the customers and on the other hand, is also thick enough to withstand resistance while shipment.

Besides these laminations, there are core features of cardboard that are integral to this material that enhances its durability.

  • Cardboard is durable because it has a good strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Corrugated cardboard is reusable and has excellent strength that makes it unmatchable when it comes to product shipping.

Lightweight Packaging Solution

Customers tend to be very conscious of the weight of the packaging material on which they have to contain their product. Sometimes they have to carry the packaged material, therefore, they primarily prefer the lightweight material. One observes this scenario most specifically when customers purchase a product from a mall and have to carry it to their homes on steps. Therefore the best solution in this scenario is to pack the product inside a lightweight packaging material. But what if the package rips into pieces under the weight of the product.

This is where the custom cardboard boxes enter into play. These boxes besides their durability are also lightweight therefore carrying them around will not be hectic activity. Many other advantages of these boxes are, we use thick corrugated material to create boxes. This means that besides being lightweight they can withstand maximum pressure and can carry the products having high weight.

The Bottom Line: Light-weight custom cardboard boxes set you free of all the hurdles that you face when you have to carry a heavy product in low-quality packaging materials.

Use Cardboard as your Branding Strategy

In the business world, one of the important factors that companies seriously consider is the implementation of correct marketing strategies. The reason companies focus more on branding is because they are always in the rat race with their competitors and if they miss a chance their business might be in catastrophic jeopardy.

But little was known about the branding powers of a customization-friendly packaging box. It is until recently that companies have started to use these boxes as effective branding weapons to showcase the unique properties of their products. Custom Packaging Boxes made out of cardboard, Kraft, and cardstock material can be personalized for perfect logo representation.

Other Options for Customization

Apart from perfect logo representation, the custom corrugated boxes can also be elegantly presented through certain customization tools. For instance, you can adjust the size of the final packaging material, its dimensions, and colors by playing with a variety of customization options. Similarly, you can open the packaging box as per your desired style. Especially if you have enclosed a gift in a cardboard packaging box. On traditional plastic packaging, you won’t see such personalization options. The opening with ribbons and well-wishing cards look far more appealing and leave a long-lasting impression. Don’t miss them.

Versatility in Products

Many people use custom packaging boxes to ship heavy products from one country to another. However, with their increasing demand and rising trends, they are also widely used in the packaging of a wide range of products. Today in the global market we see cardboard boxes in almost all ranges.

  • Wholesale Hair Extension Logo Boxes
  • Printed Retail Boxes
  • Custom Kraft pillow boxes
  • Custom cardboard boxes for the displaying and packaging of jewelry, apples, cakes, cosmetic products, grocery products, etc.

Cardboard is Affordable

The material of cardboard is easily accessible. In fact, it is quite the contrary. You can get cardboard from wood pulp and therefore cost less than conventional packaging boxes. Generally, the purchase of these boxes is in bulk quantities and is therefore they are accessible within budget. Customers can also get deals on wholesale purchases.


One of the primary factors that lead to the rising demand for cardboard boxes over traditional plastic ones is that these boxes are eco–friendly. One can also recycle these boxes after usage. The degradation of cardboard boxes occurs through the action of living organisms. And people in the United States alone, are recycling cardboard boxes at a much higher pace than ever before.

The velvety lamination texture given by matte and shiny reflection by gloss gives cardboard boxes a perfect finishing touch. Thereby making them one of the remarkable products that you could use for the packaging of your desired product.

If you have any queries related to custom cardboard boxes and wholesale deals feel free to contact OXO packaging at or by calling (510) 500 9533. We are here to provide free and secure delivery of your order.



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