Design Your Own Wedding Invitation Cards Today

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Design Your Own Wedding Invitation Cards Today

No matter what people say, you still want your wedding to show people about your love and the happiest day of your life. You design every little detail yourself from wedding cards to food almost everything but first, it all starts with wedding cards that you customize for your special event. Wedding cards are something that someone else may not care about it makes you feel good with a pretty start for your big day.

A personalized wedding invitation can let you express off your uniqueness while also saving you money and providing you with something to cherish for the rest of your life. It’s not that difficult if you plan ahead of time. It’s a lovely way to brand your special day, whether you start with a wedding invitation template or design it from zero.

Tons of printing services offer wedding cards designs and prints as well. But who needs these printing services when you can get it done by yourself? Yes, you can design your card all by yourself and it’s not that tricky. Here are some simple steps through which you can design your wedding day card:

Select a Card

You may think designing a card is the first thing but no, the first step is to think what card size you are going to choose, what kind of paper it will be, texture and shape. Considering these specifications first can help easily designing your card further. Many cards are available in a few common sizes. You should also consider shipping in this case. Non-standard forms or sizes, for instance, things delivered in square envelopes may necessitate more postage.

Select From Different Printing Services

Still designing it’s not, the step but you have chosen a printing service that is going to print your customized card. You may order wedding invitations online and have them sent to you, or you can go to a local print shop. If you require specific components like letterpress or foiling, now is the time to choose a printer that can meet your needs. It’s not like all print shops are capable of managing all methods.

Confirm that you can acquire envelopes for sending once you’ve decided where the invitations will be printed. Some cards include envelopes, but not all print shops provide this option, so you may need to purchase them separately.

Then, go to your preferred printing services and request a print template. This will provide you with the precise dimensions of your invitation, including the form, size, bleed, and acceptable printing zones.

Select Your Theme

What is your style? Informal, traditional, or a little impromptu?

Use a color scheme that will be carried through the wedding. For your wedding invites, choose a graphic theme. You should choose a style that matches your personality as a pair. You may have spent a few days looking at possibilities in galleries (including some of the wonderful examples here) or you may already have an idea in mind.

Use a color scheme that will be carried through the wedding. Color, font, and other design flourishes can also be employed for the event itself, from table cards to signs. You may also make personalized (and coordinated) thank you notes to give to attendees after the big day.

Are You Going for Cards with Images?

Start gathering design components or assets if you aren’t taking the template route.

Often partners like to include a picture on the card, while others prefer a theme based on the wedding’s location or more conventional divots or flowers. Collect picture assets that will be used in the wedding invitation design, regardless of whatever style you want.

If you want to use unique aspects like pictures, hand-drawn writing, or graphics, make sure you acquire high-quality, high-resolution copies of these objects. For printing, most printers will demand pictures with a resolution of 300 dpi or more.

These days, some couples go for cartoonish images of themselves, portray as groom and bride on the card. Graphic designers design these types of cards, they even offer different packages where they design your whole card and you just have to get it print.


The typography of your wedding invitation may say a lot about you. While texts are common for more conventional designs, they are not a universal rule for new partners. Fortunately for you, practically everything goes when it comes to wedding invitation design!

While you’re considering fonts, consider the words that will appear on the card. Choose a typeface that complements your real lettering. A fantastic font may not appear the way you want it to with certain letter combinations. Test fonts with the following crucial information that will almost certainly appear on your wedding cards:

  • Welcoming words like, “you are invited”, “by the grace of Allah” or “join us”
  • People’s names who are getting married
  • Date, time, and venue

Print and Distribute

Get it print from one of your selected printing services and distribute. There is also another trend by today’s modern couple, they do not waste money on printing they just send it via social media to their loved ones. I think it’s a great option as well if you consider, why waste money if you can save it and you can use it in something else and better.


Creating a personalized wedding invitation card is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your individuality and artistic thinking. Many people wonder, “How do I make a wedding invitation?” not everyone design their own cards.

Creating a wedding invitation isn’t difficult if you have a creative eye, and it’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Best wishes!.



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Wednesday, 06th July 2022
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