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comprehensive car insurance

Getting a third-party or comprehensive car insurance plan is easy these days as most insurance companies offer their services through a website. It reduces the time and eliminates the need for paperwork that is associated with the offline process. However, buy car insurance online only if it suits your car insurance requirements. The availability of car insurance plans online makes it easy for you to go through the best plans of several insurers in no time! Once you are sure about a particular car insurance policy, follow the below steps to purchase it online:

Choose an insurance type

You will have to choose between comprehensive car insurance and third-party car insurance first. The comprehensive plan offers complete coverage for both self and the damages caused to the bike. The third-party liability cover settles the claims raised by the other parties that might be involved in an accident. The full or comprehensive car cover includes a third-party cover by default. 

Choose the car insurance car type that is suited as per your needs. For instance, getting a comprehensive car insurance policy might not be practical if you drive once a week or month. Similarly, getting a third-party car insurance cover makes sense if you are not confident about your driving skills or don’t ensure complete safety while driving. On opting for a comprehensive insurance policy for your car, you become eligible to opt for add-on covers as well. Add-on cover plans enhance the coverage or benefits offered by your original car insurance policy.  

Choose a policy 

Go through several car insurance policies before finalizing one. Buy car insurance online only if you are satisfied with the coverage, benefits, and claim procedure adopted by an insurer. 

Choose the add-on policies 

Add-on cover plans indeed make your existing insurance plan more beneficial. However, don’t choose them without studying their features and determining whether they are useful for you or not. It is because every add-on cover will increase the policy premium. 

For instance, get a tyre cover if the streets or roads on which you drive frequently are in a bad condition. Similarly, get a personal loss cover if you carry expensive accessories or baggage while driving. Some of the other add-on cover plans that you can think about are listed below:

Zero Depreciation Cover

It covers the cost of the depreciable parts made of rubber, fiber, plastic, and glass. By opting for this cover, you can maximize the insurance coverage as it provides coverage for the repair or replacement costs of these parts. 

Roadside Assistance Cover

It makes sense to select this add-on cover if you drive to remote places frequently. It is because you may need roadside assistance for covering the uncertainties associated with such trips. 

No Claim Bonus Cover

No Claim Bonus Cover ensures that your NCB status remains active even if you claim once or twice during your policy tenure. Maintaining the NCB status is essential as it helps you to get a discount of up to 50% on the policy premium for the next tenure. 

There are many more add-on cover plans that you can go through before finalizing one that seems to be practical to insure your vehicle. 

Things to check 

Once you have chosen to buy car insurance online policy and add-on cover plans, fill the application form and submit documents. Don’t forget to read the policy documents carefully as they might make you aware of certain things that you didn’t know before. Inspect the following things carefully before making the online payment:

  • Your name 
  • Car model and make
  • Capacity of engine
  • Registration number 
  • Policy tenure (start and end date)
  • IDV-Insured Declared Value

After that, you can make an online payment towards the policy premium. To apply to a comprehensive car insurance plan online without any hassles, visit the official website of Bajaj Finserv. Car insurance policies of leading insurance companies are available on this portal.

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