How to make money as a teen in uk

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How to make money as a teen in uk

If you’re not yet 18 years old, these 11 ways to earn money quickly while a teen (or older) are ideal for you.

With technology, it’s now possible to no longer have to rely on your pocket money. Instead, you earn money in the comfort of your home.

Stepping outside of your bedroom could be profitable!

Here are the best 11 ways on how to make money as a 14 year old UK.

Sell your old things online.

Use the Music Magpie to earn cash by selling old items, including everything from CDs and books to laptops and phones. If you’re younger than 18, ensure that you’ve obtained your parent’s consent to sell the items you have!

Start YouTuber

Do you have a knack for video editing? If it’s makeup or gaming, you can turn your abilities into cash by uploading your videos to YouTube. When you’ve reached 1000 subscribers, you can apply for the Partnership program, which will allow you to earn money from your video clips.

Do household chores of people’s households count?

These days, the world is so busy they aren’t able to complete their everyday chores. Therefore, they are hiring teens and kids who want to earn a little pocket-money them and assist them with their everyday tasks. If you know someone who could use assistance, take on your chores part-time, earning a small amount of money as well. Begin with asking parents, relatives, and your neighbours.

Wash Cars

A lot of car owners don’t have time to clean their own car, which is why they provide car washes to kids and teenagers. This is an excellent method to earn cash by cleaning cars from showrooms, family members or friends. You can also Start A Car Restoration Business. Check how to start a Car Restoration Business Full Guide:

Home Sitting as well as Pet Sitting

You could help your family, friends and neighbours with house sitting as well as pet sitting. If you love pets and have the ability to control them, then you’re ready to help. If you can manage someone who is living in the house effectively and without the owner, you could take advantage of this opportunity.

Mowing the grass

A lot of homeowners are able to have grass in their yards or at the front of the houses. Therefore, you should definitely attempt to mow their lawns. You may even trim adjacent park lawns or lawns for gardens with the owners’ permission and earn some extra cash quickly.


Many families have to hire babysitters as they aren’t able to have time to take care of their children since both parents and moms are out to work for professional companies. If you’re a teenager and have a knack for playing with kids while keeping them entertained, earning money is definitely a good option.

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Throw a Garden, Garage or eBay Sale

From sports equipment to toys, Take a clean-up of stuff that is no longer needed either through an actual stall in front of your home or on an auction site such as eBay.

Create and publish your own Kindle eBook

It’s not easy. However, if you’re skilled in writing when you are a child or teen, you’ll have the chance to write non-fiction pieces or your own features. With the aid of the Kindle app, which is accessible on iPads, smartphones, laptops, and Kindles, it is possible to gather certain details about a popular study, make sure you have them in order, and then tell the story straightforwardly manner. This can help in making some cash. You can create your own book on Amazon Amazon’s Kindle store and earn profits too.

The Juice and Lemonade stand

The best money-making strategy for children! With the arrival of summer, many people are thirsty on the way to or out to work. You can be just near the corner with your lemonade stand or juice, which can assist others in satiating their thirst by drinking your drink.

Sell your clothes and shoes

You can offer your clothes and shoes on websites such as eBay; however if you’re looking for an easy and quick solution, Return to Earn is willing to pay 50p for a kg of clothes. You only need to pack the items and ship them to.



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