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LED screen in the shop window

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During the construction of a new commercial building on one of the main roads in the Liège region, the architects had the good idea of ​​directly including a giant SMD Screen in the window in the plans.

The commercial team of HTV was therefore contacted to submit an offer and was put in competition with other local companies. However, the know-how and ingenuity of its team enabled HTV to win the project. The result is a 18m2 P4.8mm screen placed in the window, for exceptional rendering and image quality.

Project constraints

The request was to respect the manufacturing and delivery deadlines to be able to install the led screen one month before the official opening of the shops. On the technical side, the screen had to be high resolution and quiet so as not to generate noise that could disturb visitors. The space reserved for the LED screen was approximately 6100mm by 3200mm and located high up.

The HTV solution

The selection of the material was the first objective. The technical team selected a 4.8mm Pitch with high brightness (4500 nits) in 500x500mm boxes. In this way the screen was able to make maximum use of the available space, less than 10cm on each side and 20cm at the bottom were covered by a black finishing frame.

The boxes have been made of polymer (hard plastic) to reduce the weight as much as possible. The fans have been replaced by radiators for heat dissipation, in this way the operating noise of the screen has been reduced to a minimum.

Once the equipment was select, the HTV technical team visit the site (still under construction) to discuss the installation with the contractors. This made it possible to provide all the necessary elements to place the screen in the best conditions. The electrical arrivals pull to the location of the screen as well as the RJ45 cable (internet) necessary for remote management.

To solve the problem of installation at height, HTV has designed a hanging system on a suspension bar. This allows a clean and easy installation of the giant SMD Screen. The use of special nacelles was necessary as well as the use of protections to protect the floor of the building.

The LED screen separate from the glass by 30cm so as not to generate too much heat due to the reflection of the sun between the glass and the screen. As this is locate in a public space, the back was cover by a custom-made print tarpaulin to blend the screen into its environment and keep the installation aesthetic.

Our graphics department had previously created suitable content to broadcast on the screen in agreement with the client. The player has been pre-configure and load with images and videos. You have to do is plug it in so that the LED screen lights up and broadcasts the promotional content.

The quality of the smd screen is great and the 18m2 surface has an impact on the target audience. Another HTV customer was satisfy with his installation and HTV with his team.

Light LED trailer (-750kg)

When a fair price specialist chooses HTV led as a partner to develop its digital signage. It is more than likely that its decision is the result of an in-depth study of the market. With 90 points of sale spread over France, Belgium, and Spain. ELECTRO DEPOT offers a wide range of household appliances and multimedia products visible on a trailer equipped.

Project constraints

The customer’s request was very specific, a trailer of less than 750kg needs tow without a special permit. The other Condition was that delivery make within 45 days. This, therefore, required our technicians and engineers to find a unique solution for this project.

A mobile LED screen is provided with a hydraulic mast and a steel structure. Other elements alone weigh approximately 615kg… That leaves only 135kg for the LED screen. Also, the smallest trailer without a permit is 2.7m long, which limits the size of the led screen. Despite these rather specific constraints, HTV was able to find an ideal solution to provide a perfectly designed trailer with an SMD Screen that met the project criteria.

The HTV solution

The first step was to set the screen size to 2560mm*1920mm and the pitch to 5.9mm outside. This size and resolution provide the best value for money. In addition, the screen ratio is close to 4:3 which is a standard in audiovisual and graphic creations. This makes it easy to update and display dynamic content like promotions and videos.

However, the dimension is not standard in the factory. Therefore HTV had to design non-standard cabinets of 640*960mm in p5.95mm outside. To solve the problem of a weight limit of 135kg these boxes were make of light aluminum. In this way, the total weight of the screen allowed the trailer not to exceed 750kg.

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Tuesday, 03th October 2023
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