Outstanding Benefits you can get from Custom Cosmetic Boxes in 2022

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Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetics are considered the second form of clothing for a lady because of their wide-ranged demand. In this category, we see creams, lip balms, nail polish, makeup, and hair extension products. With the rapidly changing dynamics of the modern fashion industry, every year thousands of cosmetic products enter the industry. Some of them remain in the limelight while others fade away with time. Those which remain near the heart of women, are the luxurious ones and require efficient Custom Cosmetic Boxes to showcase their magnificence. These boxes need to be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing enough to lure ladies toward them in no time. 

But besides their tensile strength and high-quality finishing, the custom cosmetic boxes must come in a variety of shapes and designs to fit in various cosmetic products. To put it simply, the cosmetic industry is not a small one to deal with. There are so many unimaginable products that can be found at any cosmetic store but the hard thing is to find equally tensile and elegant packaging for such products.

Versatility in Custom Cosmetic Boxes

The cosmetic industry is so diverse that you imagine a product and there will be perfect packaging for that product. For all types of products, there are different packaging solutions based on the nature of the primary ingredients. For instance,

  • Customized eyeshadow boxes are perfect for the longtime display and storage of sensitive eyeshadows that look appealing to ladies.
  • Mailer and window-shaped custom cream boxes with logo customization at the right place are reliable packaging solutions. 
  • The pillow makeup boxes are rapidly taking over the fashion industry because of their attractive packaging. 
  • Custom perfume boxes that reflect the aroma of the manufacturers are noteworthy. Since perfumes are no less than luxury products, they are packed inside rigid boxes. 
  • The rigid cosmetic boxes range from flat tray rigid boxes, thumb notched rigid boxes, ribbon notched rigid boxes, to full/partial lid cover rigid boxes. 
  • Window-mounted nail polish boxes with high-quality printing and logo incorporation. These are perfect for branding.

Product Protective Custom Cream Boxes

Since cosmetic products are full of chemicals, their storage requires extra care. Firstly these products need protection from bacterial invasion alongside dust, humidity, and temperature. The custom cream boxes manufactured by OXO Packaging are one such example that reflects the resilience of these boxes. Since, the core materials are Kraft, cardstock, and cardboard, they are corrugated with additional layers that make them perfect product protective packaging. 

The additional protection they provide to sensitive creams enclosed in them is,

  • They withstand maximum variations in temperature therefore they are perfect for cream storage in conditions that are not temperature friendly for conventional packaging.
  • Cream packaging supplies block the influx of humidity with their thick corrugated layers and keep the sensitive makeup, cream, and hair extensions untouchable.
  • Cream boxes are water-resistant, where moisture is a deadly factor for the composition of cosmetic products, the custom cosmetic boxes block the impact of moisture by stopping it from interacting with the enclosed product.
  • These boxes are also dust resistant. Dust is of primary concern because of its notorious history while product shipping and storing. Only a smooth packaging solution can reduce the impact of dust on these cosmetic products and there truly is no better option other than custom cosmetic packaging boxes. 

High-End Customization

Personalized cosmetic boxes are necessary for maintaining a secure Business line in the modern day. This is because customization allows your customer to take an active part in finalizing the product of their desired choice. It is the need of the hour that companies must provide customized packaging solutions to their clients because the fashion industry is a global industry where everyone wants uniqueness. 

Now and then, a brand launches its new fashion product and it is primarily the customization that distinguishes its product from the other. That customization does not necessarily stop at the product but takes into account the packaging as well. 

  • With customization, you can design the cosmetic boxes as per your brand requirements i.e. logo, slogan, and product.
  • You can allow your customers to take an active part in finalizing the design of their choice. As mentioned above, the fashion industry is so gigantic that ladies are far more concerned about the elegance of their lip balm packaging rather than its flavor. 
  • Customized eye shadow boxes are unique personalized examples that can be considered here. These boxes come in window-mounted shapes that make them perfect for product display. 
  • You can also get eye shadows inside a rigid box which gives it a luxurious touch based on what kind of unboxing you like i.e. thumb notched or ribbon notched.

Perfect Finishing with Lamination

After discussing the box’s shape, size, protective and customized benefits let us discuss the importance of lamination in customized boxes. Firstly these boxes are highly branding friendly i.e. you can use them to endorse branding but the logo is not just sufficient here. You have to be very precise about the type of lamination that will give your packaging a perfect finishing. 

Firstly, the gloss lamination is important to enhance the shine of the packaging display i.e. by giving it a glowing and bright appearance. This lamination is perfect for making our logo stand out against an ocean of competitors. Secondly, the matte lamination provides a velvety texture to the surface of the box. This makes it more delicate and therefore unavoidable when a customer holds it in her hands. A perfect packaging solution in the modern world is incomplete without these two types of lamination. This is because they provide a whole different experience to ladies.

Biodegradability in Custom Cosmetic Boxes 

Custom cosmetic boxes are highly economical and environmentally friendly. They are not manufactured from synthetic harmful chemicals. I instead the core materials used in manufacturing custom cosmetic boxes are biodegradable Kraft and Cardstock. These materials pose no harm to the environment. Once these boxes are of no use you can turn them into compost easily.

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