What is business coaching? Find out how it can benefit your company

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Business coaching

If you are looking for information about business coaching, it is because you have detected many opportunities for improvement in your company’s team. Employees not only need continuous training to improve their hard skills, but they also need a coach to help them in their personal development.

For a company to be more or less competitive, the commitment of the people who are part of it is required. Thus, the organization’s staff is a key pillar that can make a difference and make the business grow without limits. To achieve this, it is necessary to motivate and encourage people to give their best to continue growing in the projects.

Do you want to make your team even more engaged and significantly increase their productivity? The answer lies in business coaching and in this new Crehana for the business article, we will tell you more about it: what is business coaching, what are its characteristics and benefits, techniques, and more.


What is business coaching?

As we mentioned before, business coaching is a set of techniques that promote the personal development of an organization’s collaborators and motivates them to achieve better results in their performance. In fact, it is an important driver for the improvement of key performance indicators.

You just have to take a look at what Martín Reynoso, professor of our Mindfulness and well-being online course, explains: Revolutionize your company: “ The real revolution is knowing yourself. When you look at your emotions and thoughts, you are preparing yourself to tackle everything that is outside .” For this reason, the development of soft skills is as important as emotional intelligence, for a greater mastery of emotions; which, in turn, allows us to relate in a better way with the rest of the people.

Let’s see, then, what are the characteristics of business coaching to have a more complete picture of the subject.

Types of Coaching

Before inserting ourselves fully into the topic of business coaching, it is important to be clear about the types of coaching that exist. This is to avoid possible confusion.

Since it depends a lot on the type of method used and with whom you work; let’s see about this last aspect of the main types of coaching:

Organizational coaching

Organizational coaching corresponds to the field of business. Now, there is an important subdivision, since coaching for a work team where there may be different roles and hierarchies simultaneously is not the same as coaching with an executive director.


Executive Coaching: Within organizational coaching, there is executive coaching. The difference with business coaching is that you work with the highest levels of the organization, such as an executive director or an area or department manager of a company.

Business coaching: on the other hand, in this case, you usually work with more people from different roles and hierarchies, even with the entire company.

Personal Coaching

It is usually from person to person and topics that make up the routine or daily life of people are addressed, such as the objectives or goals to achieve in life, what are life projects and dreams, among others. This type of coaching is more focused, therefore, on comprehensive well-being.

Sports coaching

Athletes also need the motivation to empower themselves and be leaders when it comes to playing sports. Therefore, sports coaching plays an important role for the development of athletes, it is also key to better group work (especially in the case of sports that require the formation of groups, such as soccer).

Now, once the main types of coaching are clear, let’s review in detail what the characteristics of business coaching and its benefits are, in the following sections.

Characteristics of business coaching

The main characteristics of business coaching are the following:

  • Motivate the team to increase their productivity.
  • It promotes trust and security.
  • It focuses on the personal development of the organization’s collaborators.
  • Work on the soft skills most required by the market to enhance team performance.
  • Collaborate for greater flexibility in the company.
  • Convey confidence to the team.
  • They are based on objectives and goals.
  • The feedback between the team and the business coach is constant.

Benefits of business coaching

As pointed out in a Forbes article, coaching becomes a tool capable of helping businessmen and women in their day-to-day activities.

But, what are the most important benefits for a company that implements business coaching? They are the following:


  • Improves the productivity of the equipment: the performance of the equipment increases, in this way, in a remarkable way.
  • Promotes greater job satisfaction: people feel more motivated with the projects and manage to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Reduces conflicts between employees: employees further develop their soft skills, including those related to communication, which makes the work environment more positive.
  • Fosters greater organizational commitment – Teams are more committed to the projects they participate in.

With regard to performance, evaluations of team performance are important to have a more precise and clear picture of the organizational culture, the assimilation of the mission, and the values of the company. In addition, they allow detecting which aspects should be worked on through corporate training.

Therefore, we invite you to download this job performance template to help your organization achieve its goals and make your team more productive and inspired. Thanks to this template, which is free, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team and the entire company. Improve job performance!

Importance of business coaching in companies

According to an article published in Adecco, about business coaching and its impact on organizations, commitment to the company increases productivity by up to 300%.

Thus, the importance of business coaching lies in increasing the productivity of the teams so that they are aligned with the objectives and achieve them, even surpassing them by a huge difference.

Also, business coaching is relevant because it allows for detecting failures or obstacles that prevent the normal functioning of a team or the entire organization. In this way, what is sought is to find what are the brakes that prevent the growth of the company to reverse the situation with the power of motivation.

If you are looking to boost the improvement of your team’s skills, including leadership skills, business coaching is part of the answer or solution to achieve it.



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