Why is International Trade Important and How ATI Can Help Grow Your Business

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International Trade

The transaction between two parties to exchange goods or services is called trade. Through a market, countries can buy and sell goods with each other for mutual gain. Its importance is evident as it has been a part of the global economy for thousands of years. Furthering your economic reach beyond local borders to engage in international trade is essential in a thriving world economy and the core of continual economic prosperity and growth.

This article will explain Why is international trade Important and How ATI Can Help Grow Your Business.

What Are the Characteristics of International Trade?

The essence of trade is for countries to participate in a global market by buying and selling valuable goods and services. A trade agreement between two or more nations is key to ensuring consistency in international trading. Through such partnerships, economic growth is guaranteed through imported resources not found locally.

How Is Global Trade Different from Domestic Trade?

Local exporters provide the ability to transport goods by land, water, or air. Domestic or continental trade utilizes land transport, while international exports and imports are primarily completed by boat or plane. Generally, transportation by land is the most affordable, followed by ship and aircraft are the most expensive method.

Global Trade vs. Local Production

Both international and domestic trade is defined as providing specialization in materials, goods, or services to exchange something of value. Certain factors become more challenging when trading international versus locally. Countries must consider distances and weather-related events that can cause disruptions or higher transport costs when dealing with international trade.


Importance of International Trade

Business Growth

Businesses need to grow consistently to sustain their existence. Without growth, a business risks complete depletion of economic power. Growth is sustained through greater access to consumers and a market that will ensure steady sales and revenue, and international trading is a huge component of both.

Employment Growth

Over 40 million American citizens depend on international trade for employment. This can directly affect the difference between a country considered a third world or a prosperous first world nation capable of massive economic prosperity. More jobs are nearly always guaranteed with global trade, and more jobs equate to growth in a country’s financial sector.

Bigger Consumer Market

Access to a broader range of customers worldwide increases sales and business, and more consumers mean a more significant potential for growth in economic development and ensure a thriving society. This is why international trade is also essential to the United States, and it’s crucial to access markets worldwide.

Economic Development

Small to medium-sized businesses have doubled over the last twenty years. This is in large part to the economic trade deals between nations all over the world. And this isn’t stopping anytime soon. If fact, as the world connects more and more through technology, we’ll see even more development in economics across the globe.

Global Growth

Global trade has been essential in the economic growth of nations around the world. The importance of international trade for global expansion is absolute and critical for people’s work and livelihoods.

Other Possible Benefits of International Trade

Free Trade vs. Protectionism

The argument is whether protectionism or a more open free trade system is best for international trade. With the importance of international trade comes the responsibility to ensure its unimpeded growth and stability, which is fundamental to a sustained increase in a global market. However, many argue that establishing rules and regulations provide that global trade functions efficiently. Others alternatively state that a more carefree approach best suits the market’s natural responses to economic fluctuations or imbalances.

Free Trade

Also termed laissez-fair economics, free trade enables trade partnerships with practically no restrictions. The core principle is that supply and demand will naturally determine how global trade functions and that production will work smoothly and efficiently. This means that nothing needs to be done as the market will respond accordingly to how international trade grows.


Protectionism regards regulations as a fundamental and crucial part of international trading. It states that the market can fluctuate and cause weak growth without rules to protect partnerships and global trade. Some common strategies used to protect trading include tariffs, quotas, and subsidies, and such tools create balance towards any irregularities in international trade.

Working With American Trading International Can Help International Trade

That’s why American Trading International can help your business thrive and compete in the global market space. If you’re looking for access to experts on logistics and a developed network capable of a profitable international business, ATI is the service-oriented export trading company for all your needs.

In conclusion, international trading is the marketplace of prosperity and abundance for all nations who participate. Global trade ensures a wide range of consumers, materials, goods, and services businesses need to grow. That’s why international trade is vital for the United States and its ever-expanding global economic power. Global trade has been part of humanity’s existence since the beginning, and it is not slowing down anytime soon.

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