Importance of Student Satisfaction In Universities

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Student Satisfaction

It does not matter how highly ranked your university is; it is no greater than its students. The students are the main reason that make universities come alive. Students inspire professors to deliver top performances during lectures and seminars. These are the students who go out and represent their alma mater around the globe.

Having discussed all this, we can’t miscalculate the importance of students’ content in higher education. Universities should consider this during the planning and execution of student recruitment strategies. The higher institutions are growing every year. Universities need to understand the factors that affect students’ satisfaction with learning. This article will explore the importance of student satisfaction in universities. It will also dig into its relation to different facilities provided by universities.

The study is a necessary activity that most people should engage in. Yet, motivation and student satisfaction vary from student to student. Some students get motivated by accomplishments, and some by helping others. Talking about satisfaction, some students get satisfied by the fulfilment of psychological needs. In this study, we will focus on factors that influence students’ satisfaction. These factors include;

Student-Teacher Relationship

A good student-teacher relationship is vital for the satisfaction of the students. Remember your elementary school teacher who taught you math first. You often think about your favourite teachers at higher secondary school. Why are they so special to you? Maybe they were the person who inspired you to learn. Maybe they are the persons who affected you the most. Maybe you get satisfied with their mode of teaching. Students remember such teachers due to the good relationship between them.

Coming towards the importance of student-teacher relationship in university. This relationship helps students learn effectively. Teachers should give their students a chance to take part in research work. By providing these chances, they will feel more satisfied and will perform better. Furthermore, if students feel satisfied, the university ranking will go up.

Moreover, in the classroom, the environment of the class plays an important role. Students feel satisfied in a discussion-based environment. A healthy relationship builds among teachers and students in such an environment. Students should be able to ask questions at any time. Moreover, teachers should help them in solving their queries. Hence, we can say that the better the relation, the more is the satisfaction level.

Faculty Preparedness

The behaviour of teachers towards their job also plays a vital role in the content of students. It includes how much professors prepare before delivering a lecture to their class. This should not be like a teacher coming into the classroom, talking to students, and going. Some professors do this often. They come to class and start talking to the students on political issues of the county. This will not help those students who want to study. This kind of behaviour is suitable for backbenchers but not for good students. So, if this continues to happen in the class, students will be less satisfied.

Recommended by an assignment writing service, the main priority of the professors should be the satisfaction of their students. Students should feel relaxed in the classroom. Students lose their satisfaction when teachers just read the PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes, they feel annoyed. Professors should arrange question and answer sessions at the end of their lectures. These sessions will contribute towards the better learning of their students. Teaching with demonstrations is also a great way to enhance the students’ satisfaction. For example, a professor at Oxford University teaches physics while demonstrating its laws. Hence, teachers should be serious about delivering knowledge. There exists a direct relationship between seriousness and satisfaction.

Campus Services & Facilities

The most important factor of all is campus’ services and facilities. Satisfaction relates to the psychology of the students. In most cases, the contentment of the students relies on the facilities offered by the campus. For example, how many numbers of books are present in the library of the university. Students often have these questions in mind while choosing their future institution. Most of the universities in the world lack facilities. They do not have facilities that universities of 21st should have.

If we take air quality as a reference, then students will observe this facility in the university. As nowadays, air quality around the world is not good. Hence, students will have concerns about their health. These little concerns about university facilities will have a great impact on students’ content.

Overcrowded schools are also a reason for the dissatisfaction of students. The student engagement with the teacher is less in overcrowded schools. Hence, the level of learning decreases. Students like spacious classrooms and schools. They can interact with their teachers more and learn more. Small learning centres provide positive student development and achievement.


Students’ experience with teachers and university administration is a measure of the level of content. Experience has a direct relation to contentment. For example, the behaviour of administration with students. How do they respond to the inquires of students? Sometimes bad behaviour of the administration leads to dissatisfaction of the students. To maintain the level of satisfaction of students, universities should conduct surveys.

Students in a university taste different experiences. Not every university is 100% complete. There might be some drawbacks to it. Students might have good as well as bad experiences. These can be minimized with the collaboration of students and the university. Students can highlight these issues in meetings with university officials. Universities should also consider their suggestions and act accordingly.


From the discussion above, we can conclude that students’ contentment in universities is very important. Educational institutions should meet the standards of the 21st century to achieve the content of students. Universities also need to create value for their research and professors. No doubt, education has become far more accessible over the centuries. However, institutions still need to improve themselves. They should cater to all the needs of the students. Universities should also meet the least level of student’s satisfaction.



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