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Top 4 Ideas Behind Nissan Commercial Actress Ft. “Brie Larson”

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nissan commercial actress 2022

Cozy evening, sitting in lounge on comfortable and soft couch, suddenly you saw Nissan commercial actress on your 60-inch smart LED TV. Wait, what? Why Brie Larson suddenly started driving old truck back from 1959 in second scene?

To understand the complete story and idea behind this Nissan latest 2022 model TV commercial, you need to read this article with full attention.

Idea behind the commercial was how to close Nissan company 60 years marvelous history in just 30 seconds TV commercial.

Top 4 Ideas in producing 2022 Nissan Truck TV commercial

  1. Understanding Nissan company stunning history or heritage
  2. Showcasing Nissan company startup in USA and global expansion
  3. Experiencing as many terranes as possible in 30 sec. Nissan commercial

Idea#1: Understanding Nissan company stunning history or heritage

Nissan presented its first Datsun (a 1000 cc car and truck) at Los Angeles Auto Show in 1959. Company opened up its first American factory in 1983 in Smyrna, Tennessee.

This was the first reason behind, showing the lead actress “Brie Larson” driving 1959 model Datsun compact pickup truck and mimicking the old ages time in the TV commercial scene.

Idea#2: Showcasing Nissan company startup in USA and expansion all over the world

This was the second reason why in 30 seconds commercial director tried to cover up Nissan company history through out the 60 years in USA. I must say, woooo!

Director came up with amazing idea by clipping the whole ad in to small parts, and showcasing the entire 60 years successful history of Nissan company.

Idea#3: Experiencing as many terranes as possible in 30 sec Nissan commercial

Extremely important point was, to deliver message to the viewers. This new 4×4 SUV is absolutely made for all type of terranes all over the globe.

  • The hidden message: if you get this new car/truck, you’ll not have to worry about driving to any type of location with comfort, speed and ease.

Idea#4: Who chose Brie Larson as Nissan commercial actress to play lead role?

Now you are very well aware of Nissan company successful 60 years history and the idea behind the Nissan commercial production. Let’s come to the top most important point.

Have you ever noticed? Why director choose “Brie Larson” as Nissan commercial actress. First you need to know about her.

Who is Nissan commercial actress?

nissan commercial actress 2022

“Brie Larson” played lead role in Nissan commercial. Now come to main question, why director choose Brie Larson as lead role?

She was born on October 1, 1989 in Sacramento, California, USA. Her real name is “Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers

Her height is 5′ 6¾” (1.7 m)

Answer to your real question is here: If you know her very well, you must have know that she is famous for “Light and energetic personality” this is her trademark in the media industry.

This was the main reason, director chose “Brie Larson” or “Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers” as a lead role for this commercial. Because director wanted the viewers get feeling of power as well as comfort of the latest technology of the all-new Nissan Truck 2022.

Nissan commercial explanation and conclusion

Now you have got the information much as much you need to know before I start explaining you commercial.

Opening scene:

In the opening scene you see a latest 2022 model 4×4 SUV truck in dark maroon color shinning and blistering at the hill side with some rough and tough terrane. Then you see luxurious interior of the car, later she starts to speak to you, how comfortable she is while driving in this rough terrane.

You got the idea now! yeahhhh!

Even Larson is famous for her energy but she is very comfortable and calm in this luxurious SUV.

Second scene:

Actress starts to explain, how much experience and time it took for Nissan company? To produce such a comfort and durability. Then she leads you to the old ages of 1959, when Nissan company showcased its first Datsun compact truck in USA.

Third scene:

In third suddenly everything change, sports Nissan GTR car is running in the middle of African desert, here is the message, Nissan is not only in personal vehicles, but also in commercial and sports vehicles.

Good thing is she is not driving this car, because she is not professional race car driver, hehehe…!

Fourth scene:

Next is latest Nissan SUV, which is running like a charm in the desert dunes. Here director wanted to deliver a message to the world. Even if you live in desert areas you can drive our SUVs comfortably. If you had visited Dubai, Nissan 4×4 SUVs are very easy to watch in desert safari tours.

Fifth scene:

In the fifth scene of commercial, latest model 4×4 Truck is climbing very steep rocky hill terrane. Again this highlights the power of Nissan 4×4 trucks, which will never stop on any rough terrane.

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