How To Style Your Hoodie In Different Ways

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Hoodies are no longer something to save for a rainy day; they’ve become a modern-day wardrobe staple. This cozy classic isn’t only for relaxing around the home; it’s remarkably adaptable and can be worn in a variety of ways. In the winter, layer a hoodie under a striking coat to remain warm; in the spring, use a hoodie to offset a pair of statement jeans; and in the fall, match it with a smart jacket. 

No matter what your look is or where you are going, you can always rely on a hoodie to look your very best. Make sure to tuck in or pair up the right way and you are all set to rock your way. 

 For women

  1. Go for oversized looks 

Hoodies, but make it a little sexier. Grab the best hoodies and sweatshirts from Bewakoof Online or Bewakoof India and make the hoodie your personal style statement. You can surely transform a piece of stay-at-home loungewear into a night out attire. Ditch the sweatpants in favour of a lace slip skirt and sky-high lace-up shoes. To create the enormous appearance, try shopping in the men’s section.

  1. Wear it with jeans

A hoodie and jeans outfit is the perfect casual look that can be dressed up or down. Add heels and a boyfriend blazer to your ensemble to take it to the next level. Choose a graphic hoodie to add a pop of colour to your ensemble.

  1. Use the hoodie for layering 

It’s difficult to appear attractive while fighting the weather in the winter—sometimes, all that counts is being warm. Great outerwear, like as a leather puffer, and layering pieces, such as hoodies from Bewakoof Online, are ideal for balancing the two. Wear your leather puffer with similar leather pants (leggings or tights underneath to keep warm) and a stylish graphic sweatshirt with a turtleneck underneath. You’ll look fashionable while being toasty.

  1. Wear vibrant bottoms 

The vibe for this outfit is “casual on top, party on the bottom.” A basic grey sweatshirt is a great way to tame down a flashy pair of slacks and shoes. The casual garment offers your ensemble a laid-back vibe and guarantees you don’t seem overdressed.

  1. Pair with punk accessories 

Style the basic black hoodie that you have got from Bewakoof India with punk-inspired accessories to take it up a notch. Tuck it into a plaid skirt with a waist-cinching belt, and finish the outfit with lace-up combat boots.

  1. Go for sweatsuits 

Tie-dye sweatsuits are all the trend right now, but the comfy number should be a staple in your closet after you’re out of quarantine. Wear your bright two-piece with an edgy jacket and smart sneakers.

For men 

If you believe hoodies are only for casuals, think again: choose one that fits like a sweater and you can wear it with everything from shorts to formal pants. You don’t need a stylist to tell you that a sweater looks amazing with jeans. However, upping the smartness to make it smart casual—or even just part of a somewhat more put-together casual look—is more difficult. 

You can shop for the best men’s hoodies from Bewakoof Online. Because the sleeves on the hoodie is not oversized, the shoulder seams go along the corners of the shoulders rather than from the neck to the shoulders. This set-in sleeve elevates the hoodie to the level of a jumper, making it appear more sophisticated. 

  1. Wear as a semi-formal cloth 

You can wear the hoodie at your office. All you need is a little twist. This is such a timeless weekend look. Everything is interchangeable: wear trainers instead of desert boots, or a t-shirt instead of a shirt to make it more casual. However, as it is seen above, it may be worn casually or smartly: the shoes and chinos make this ensemble suited for a lovely evening out.

  1. For a hot and cold day

A grey hoodie is an easy jacket alternative for summer: You can chuck it in a bag and it won’t wrinkle, plus it won’t make you too warm because grey doesn’t absorb heat. Again, simple, light trainers give this a nicer look than it would have with your running shoes; you could also wear boat shoes to go a touch preppier.

  1. For the pub 

Carrying the hoodie into the pub is as easy as wearing it anytime, especially if you buy the quirky ones from Bewakoof Online. It is fantastic since the basic shoes and functional, attractive jacket make it appear more well-thought-out than simply jeans and a sweatshirt. You appear colourful and elegant with a slight outfit twist.

  1. For formal meetups 

Wear a hoodie to your regular formal meetups. Wearing professional pants with a casual hoodie is the same as wearing a blazer with jeans; you’re casualizing one piece of clothing while keeping the rest of your look sophisticated. This works especially well because the formal pants, like the hoodie, are rather thin.

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