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Russian Fashion Blogger In New York

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Russian Fashion Blogger

A Russian fashion blogger A blogger and a fashion designer meet in New York. It’s not your typical story, but it’s also not unique. Our fashion expert is also a well-known fashion designer.

She is one of Russia’s most well-known bloggers, with more than 700,000 Instagram followers, many weekly posts, and one of the most-read blogs on, the biggest news and lifestyle website in the nation.

Margarita Nikolaeva, a Russian fashion blogger, relates her story. Margarita Nikolaeva has been a fashion blogger for ten years and previously worked for Official, one of Russia’s most famous fashion magazines.

She made a reputation online by sharing pictures of herself dressed in the sexiest attire. Her style is predominantly streetwear, but she likes haute couture and expensive clothing. Her clothing line, Margarita Style, debuted in 2010. The collection is offered at Zara stores in Russia.

Russian Fashion Blogger In New York Instagram

New York Fashion Week lasted from September 8 through September 16 this year. We observed numerous beautiful women and talented individuals supporting the business throughout this fashion week.

(And, of course, to show the world how fashionable Russian women are). Most celebs are social media influencers, bloggers, and designers.

Below is a list of the most attractive Russian fashion bloggers spotted during New York Fashion Week.

1. Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova, a Russian beauty queen and model, has 4.1 million Instagram followers. She was born on June 1st, 1994, in Moscow, Russia.

She placed among the Top 10 contestants in Miss Earth 2013 and won the title of Miss Russia Earth 2013. Reshetova finished as Miss Russia 2014’s first runner-up, falling short of eventual winner Polina Popova.

2. Natasya Samburskaya

Natasya Samburskaya

If you’ve never met Natasya Samburskaya (11.4 million followers), she’s the best friend you’ve never had. She is a 30-year-old Russian actress and model who has worked on the popular television program “Univer” for the past ten years. She is also a musician, a fashion magazine journalist, and a fashion designer.

3. Masha Minogarova

Masha Minogarova

Russian fashion blogger and model Masha Minogarova has 1.2 million Instagram followers. In 2004, Minogarova competed in the first “Top Model” season in Russia and made the finals.

She has since served as a model for numerous Russian and international fashion firms, such as Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier.

In 2006, she appeared as a guest judge in the Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles, California. She studied ballet and trained as a dancer for 12 years.

4. Maryana Ro

Maryana Ro

Maryana Ro is a Russian fashion blogger celebrity, personality, and model. After publishing numerous videos to her Instagram account, Ro gained notoriety. Masha, her dog, is well-known and has an Instagram account with over 2 million followers.

7.7 million users like Ro’s pranks on Instagram. Numerous companies she has worked with, like Nike, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz, have prominently promoted her on their Instagram sites.

The Daily Mail and Harper’s Bazaar have both written about Ro’s online presence in addition to other publications. She has additionally appeared in Elle and Vogue, among other fashion magazines.

Since she joined Instagram in 2012, Ro’s social media following has grown gradually. She has also appeared in Mercedes Benz and Nike advertising campaigns and has been featured in several publications, including Vogue and Elle. Additionally, Ro owns a clothing line known as Marryana by Maryana Ro.

5. Liza Gysévskaya

Liza Gysévskaya

Liza Gysévskaya is a 19-year-old Russian fashion blogger with 199K followers. She has been writing to her blog, I’m Liza, since 2010.

On this site, she discusses her ideas and insights about the fashion business and showcases her style.

Due to her distinctive style, she has a sizable international following and enjoys widespread popularity within her own nation.

Her style is frilly and feminine and has a distinctly nostalgic 1970s vibe. She appreciates floral designs and lace but also enjoys adding more daring elements to her outfits, such as patent leather, patterned tights, and outrageous hats.

We have been captivated by Liza’s distinctive yet wonderfully feminine style ever since we first discovered her fashion blog. She loves antique stores and stockings but also knows how to inject a bit of rock ‘n’ roll into any environment.

Famous Russian Fashion Blogger Girl Instagram

Russian fashion blogger women are among the most beautiful women in the world and dominate the modeling industry. They stand tall and have blue eyes and blonde hair.

The majority of them are physically flawless, and they all have different fashion senses. They have a tremendous fashion sense and know how to dress elegantly.

These are some of the most stunning Instagram models listed below.

  1. Oksana Samoylov (15.1M followers)
  2. Viki Odintcova (5.1M followers)
  3. Yana Yatskovskaya (784K followers)
  4. Sasha Markina (1.2M followers)
  5. Olya Abramovich (1.8M followers)
  6. Anyuta Rai (3 M followers)

Wrapping Up

Hey! After we introduced you to these fashion bloggers and influencers, have you looked through their photos and Instagram posts? Who do you consider to be the best fashion icon and blogger?

We look forward to hearing from you! Please let us know who you chose, and we’ll discuss your fashion idol in more detail when we next meet.

Did you enjoy reading this article? We have many well-researched and informative articles and guides on our blue beast media blog. For now, bye! Enjoy your day!

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