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Was the Disney Star Selena Gomez at the Met Gala?

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selena gomez enters the met gala on the red carpet while the paparazzi flashes cameras at her and her body guard

What is the Met Gala? 

The met gala is an annually held grandeur fashion statement, red carpet and fundraiser all at the same time! It is held in New York City at the very front steps of The Metropolitan Museum of Arts building on 5th Avenue overlooking the well-known and exotic Central Park. Numerous celebrities and even influencers are seen attending this annual event to show off new fashionable looks according to the theme set by the program preparators way in advance. Every year more and more outrageous and extravagant outfits and makeup looks are noticed at the event and they become the talk of the town on most social media platforms. Many heartfelt fans have tried recreating such looks while critics have been seen posting online reviews using memes to emulate their image of true fashion. 

Who is Selena Gomez?

Now before we get into the gossip of the day, let’s take a look at who Selena Gomez truly is! She started out at a very early age in the media industry as a child actress on Barney and Friends. From there she explored onto various other on screen sets: featuring on a Spy Kids movie, featuring as a guest on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and then on both Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire. Growing her child actress resume, she then landed a major role at the Disney show called “Wizards of Waverly Place“. Many would say that this was the show that truly brought this young girl to fame. And they would practically be right, she went on to earn numerous kids choice awards and recognition world wide for her successful acting in that very show as the main character Alex Russo. 

As a star teen idol she went on to continue to guest on other Disney shows with fellow child actors and actresses. Having created such a large audience for her Disney show, she had the opportunity to star as the same character in a movie created as a sequel to the show. Eventually she went on to sign with a label called Hollywood Records to kick start her career in music. She began her singing career by singing the soundtrack of the Disney movie she was the main actress in. The song was called “Magic” and it truly ignited her passions in music and helped her create a scene for herself in that industry. She then created a band called “Selena Gomez & the Scene” that went on to create the throwback songs extremely famous in the early 2000s such as Naturally, A Year Without Rain, Love You like a Love Song, and many more. She earned various awards at different stages because of her musical success through this band. 

After her show on Disney ended, she continued to feature on various movies occasionally. Such as the well-known “Hotel Transylvania” where she voiced the main animated character who was the daughter of Dracula called Marvis. Gomez has also continued her venture in music with blockbuster music videos reaching views of up to 100 million. 

She is famous for being the most followed person on Instagram and being the first person to reach 100 million followers on the platform. 

She also recently announced that she had a rare autoimmune disease called Lupus. It has caused her a great deal of physical pain and led to a lot of her mental health issues, so she took numerous breaks from her musical and acting careers to focus on recovery. 

miss gomez lady looking fashionable before the met gala
@selenagomez on Instagram

Selena Gomez and Met Gala 2023

This leads us to the recent met gala where anyone who is anyone attends in their most fashionable gowns and dresses to present the theme in their own takes. Fans and critics alike are constantly looking forward to this event and many were expecting to see Gomez take those red carpeted steps in stride. Nevertheless, as her physical and mental health have been greatly compromised given her condition, Gomez was nowhere to be seen on site. 

Fans on Twitter were rather disappointed and many took it into their own hands and rendered a photoshopped image of the actress and singer in a gorgeous white gown caught on the red carpet as she posed for photos. This image however was proven to be a fake and many unsuspecting fans who had shared the photo around in hopes of finding their idol shinning on the carpet and praising her for it, were shocked to realize the reality. 

The burdens of being in the spotlight can affect every individual separately and despite Gomez’s long history of being in stardom since childhood, she has taken a step back from the scene to recover and return even more brighter than before!

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