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Drug Testing: Types and Uses

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Drug Testing

A drug testing is used for searching for the presence of any illegal substance in the body. This test is done for the detection of special substances like alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, etc. in the body.

Drugs contain substances like alcohol and tobacco, different medication, and most importantly illegal substances. Depending upon the type of sample collected, there are different types of drug tests such as blood tests, saliva tests, urine tests, etc. Most common tests are carried out by urine samples. Some other names for drug testing are drug screening, toxicology screening, sport doping tests, etc.

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As mentioned above, there are different types of drug tests available based on the type of biological sample collected. They are discussed below:

Blood Test:

Healthcare workers usually use this type of testing in emergencies. It is used mostly used in for the detection of alcohol levels in the body because of its precise accuracy level. A blood sample is taken from any part of the body which is then sent to a laboratory for observation.

Urine Test:

It is the most common and well-known drug testing type. In this test, a sample of urine is taken in a tube by you and then forwarded to the healthcare workers for testing. This test is usually used for the detection of marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol.

Hair Test:

A hair sample can also be used to detect the presence of illegal and toxic substances in the body. Scalp hair can detect the substance in 3 months while slow-growing hair can do it for around 12 months. Each person’s time frame is different. It is used to detect the level of phencyclidine PCP, amphetamines and cocaine, etc.

Breathing Test:

This type of test is carried out by breathing and is primarily used in recent alcohol intake. Its accuracy is not precise as it sometimes can overestimate or underestimates the blood alcohol concentration.

Sweat Test:

This test works best for detection within hours or a week of consumption. It is done by wearing an absorbent pad that absorbs the sweat from your body.

Uses of Drug Tests:

There may be questions in your head about why we need to carry out a drug test. In order to explain that I have given some points below:

  • Medical Diagnosing: There could be medical complications for which you need to carry out some drug tests that are asked by your doctor so that he can prescribe medication for your treatment.
  • Legal issues: Different drug tests are required during legal procedures for crimes like child abuse, driving drunk, etc.
  • Employment: It may be a compulsory requirement by employers for hiring you for the job.
  • Misuse of drugs: Your doctor can ask you for a test to check for addiction to medicines.
  • Sports: It is mandatory for every athlete to carry out the test after a specific time to observe their competence.

This was some basic information about the different types of drug testing and their uses. I hope this article would have helped you in getting familiar with drug tests.

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Tuesday, 03th October 2023
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