Everything To Know About Collagen Supplements: Pros, Cons, and More

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Several studies have emerged recently that a certain widely-available protein, known as collagen, is great for our health and should be taken in the form of supplements. Is that true? Yes, it is! Collagen is already found in our body but its production tends to decline with age. Thus, doctors and dieticians often recommend taking collagen supplements to improve heart health, relieve joint pain, improve skin health, and much more!

Wish to know more about collagen before you include Organika Enhanced Collagen protein supplement in your diet? Then read on as we discuss what it is, its types, pros, cons, and more. 

What are Collagen supplements? 

Collagen refers to the most-widely available protein in our body. It is a protein component in our connective tissue, also found in our muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons. There are almost 28 types of collagen present in our body.

However, the four most important ones are-

Type I Collagen –

These are the most common types of collagen. It is found in our connective tissues. 

Type II Collagen-

They are found in our intervertebral discs and our joints.

Type III Collagen-

Type 3 collagen forms the main part of our reticular fibers. These fibers are found in our blood vessels and our skin.

Type IV Collagen-

This type of collagen is found in our eye lens, inner ear, and our kidneys. 

Pros of Collagen supplements

Improves Skin

Collagen is abundantly found in our skin. However, as we age, the production of collagen gets diminished considerably. Thus, one should start taking collagen supplements. These supplements help to strengthen our skin, increasing its hydration and elasticity. It also reduces aging as it prevents dryness and wrinkles. 

Some studies have shown that some collagen supplements can also help in the production of certain proteins like fibrillin and elastin in our bodies. This helps to maintain the structure of our skin while reducing certain skin conditions like acne.

Relieves Joint Pain

Collagen is found in our cartilage i.e. the rubber-like tissue that surrounds and protects our joints. The production of this collagen also decreases with age leading to severe joint pain like osteoarthritis. Thus, many doctors prescribe their elderly patients with collagen supplements. These supplements help to prevent joint disorders by decreasing joint stiffness and joint pain. 

Studies show that collagen supplements instigate the cartilage to increase the production of collagen. This reduces the pain, increases support, and lowers inflammation.

Prevents Bone Structure Loss

Our bones also contain a significant amount of collagen. It gives them their strength and structure and the production of this collagen to deteriorates with age. This leads to loss of bone mass, leading to diseases like osteoporosis. It increases the risk of bone fracture. 

This risk of bone fracture and deterioration in bone mass can be prevented with the help of collagen supplements. They help to lower the levels of the protein that increase bone breakdown, thus maintaining the strength and structure of bones even in old age.

Boosts Muscle Mass

As we discussed before, collagen supplements help to decrease the levels of protein in our system to help to increase bone breakdown. Naturally, this helps to boost muscle mass. Doctors have often prescribed collagen supplements to sarcopenia patients to boost their muscle mass over time. 

Promotes Heart Health

Research shows that collagen supplements can help to reduce the risk of several heart conditions. They provide structure and support to the arteries that help our blood vessels to transport blood in our body from the heart. 

Collagen supplements can also prevent diseases like atherosclerosis. It occurs due to elastic and less flexible arteries, leading to stroke and heart attack. Elderly individuals with potential heart problems are thus often prescribed these supplements to keep their hearts healthy.

Improves Gut Health

Some studies have been conducted regarding the impact of collagen supplements on gut health. Some have revealed that it can help to control one leaky gut syndrome known as intestinal permeability. However, one should consult their doctor before using supplements to treat such syndromes.

Improves Brain Health

Studies have claimed that these supplements can impact brain health. They have claimed that it helps to reduce anxiety while improving one’s mood.

Improves Nails and Hair

While studies are still being conducted in this regard, it is widely known that collagen supplements can promote nail and hair growth. It helps our nails to become stronger. It also helps to promote the thickness and length of our hair. 

Initiates Weight Loss

Some also believe that collagen supplements help to initiate weight loss by increasing one’s metabolism. 

Cons of Collagen  

Collagen doesn’t have any such drawbacks. However, some individuals might be allergic to collagen in general and thus they should actively avoid collagen-rich food items as well as collagen supplements. These allergies generally occur for those who are allergic to eggs, shellfish, or fish. Such individuals can resort to vegan collagen supplements instead.

Some might even face mild side effects like heartburn or bloating. Thus, it is best to consult your doctor or dietician before you consume any collagen supplement. 


Collagen supplements take a lot of time to work. They take at least 8 weeks to show any noticeable difference and much more before you can spot a massive difference. Thus, if you are using collagen supplements, you need to be very patient.


Collagen is indeed a very beneficial supplement to include in your diet. It enhances muscle mass, relieves joint pain, and even improves skin health by reducing dryness and wrinkles. So what are you waiting for? Get hold of a good collagen supplement today! Also, if you are looking for a good-quality collagen supplement, you can choose Organika Enhanced Collagen. They are easily available, affordable, and are very useful!



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