Tips on Decorating Your Home Office This 2021

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The year 2020 forced most of us to work from home. With the virus still out there, it seems that this remote work setup isn’t going away anytime soon. Hence, you might want to transform your space into a home office where you can enjoy working.

Decorating your workspace and giving it a preferred vibe will increase your productivity. Also, it will make the place cozy and aesthetically pleasing. Today, we are giving you tips on how you can spruce up your home office.

1. Light Up Your Room

Video conferencing is at the heart of the work-from-home setup. Hence, you might want to decorate with Zoom-readiness in mind. A home office design should take into account proper lighting for video meetings. Natural light looks best on camera, although others invest in ring lights to ensure that lighting is perfect. A ring light gives even light and casts away shadows from the face.

2. Add an Aesthetic Backdrop

Speaking of a Zoom-ready office; the background plays a major part in that. If you already have good lighting, now it’s time to ensure that the backdrop looks pleasant. For this reason, interior designers see a particular trend for stylish walls in 2021. They predict libraries and galleries as design inspirations for an aesthetic backdrop.

We would never have thought that interior design would focus on especially-decorated spaces conducive to video meetings.

3. Make Use of a Vertical Space

If you live in a small house, working with what you have is crucial. To maximize your space, you can use a free wall in the hallway or your bedroom.

To organize office files, you may need space-saving solutions like a floating shelf. You would want to keep it close to your working desk so that you can access it easily when needed.

4. Choose Desks with Standing Options

Long hours of work mean long sitting periods in front of the computer. That often leads to a shoulder strain, backache, and neck pain. To avoid these types of discomfort, try to pick an adjustable standing desk.

Selecting the best ergonomic furniture for your office will help you stay focused. Further, it will save you from dreadful body fatigue.

5. Dress Up Your Windows

Break time is a significant part of life at work. When you take time off from the screen, you would want a relaxing scenery to help you regain energy. That’s why you should consider looking out your window and enjoying the pleasant view of the outdoor landscapes.

To make the window area beautiful, you can give its some gorgeous drapes. Aside from adding allure, window treatments also frame the height and space of a room. Yorkshire Fabric Shop is an online retailer of fabulous fabrics. The curtain shop offers a wide variety of durable textiles for drapery and upholstery.

If your chosen workspace does not have a window, that’s totally fine. You can still give the area a fresh and airy vibe through light-colored wallpapers, roman shades, or sheer curtains.

6. Add Colorful Accents

Working at home brings a sense of monotony. That may come from the lack of interactions with coworkers or lack of change in scenery. You can break this monotony by splashing colors on your office interior. You might want to decorate with vibrant rugs, statement chairs, or fancy accent walls.

Specific colors can lift your mood and reduce your stress. Or, if you want to focus on productivity, red and blue are your best options. These colors are known to boost performance.

Interior designers expect to see the emergence of colorful home offices in 2021.

7. Bring the Plants in

For some of us, staying-in made our work environment dull and uninspiring. If you miss the sight of nature, potted plants can come to your rescue. Many people startedbringing in a bit of the outdoors through plants and other natural materials.

Research suggests that plants make a positive and significant impact on employee productivity. Also, it’s helpful for your physical and mental health.The NASA study notes that indoor plants can eliminate almost 90 percent of air toxin in a span of a day.

While designers have always used houseplants for beautifying an interior, they expect to see more homeowners incorporate them into the office space this year. Plants simply look charming and calming.

Some homeowners decided to go green for their home office design. Eco-style may have influenced this choice. Such style promotes environmental awareness. Becoming knowledgeable about environmental problems is a good start to becoming part of the solution. Eco-style home offices feature light and air that creates a serene atmosphere. A peaceful surrounding is necessary to maintain concentration and productivity at work.

To channel your love for nature, try to use neutral shades like beige, gray, and white. You can also use wooden furniture instead of metal or glass.

8. Maximize Unused Spaces

If you need a home office, but you don’t have any extra room, you can instead transform an unused space in your house. If you would look carefully; you may find vacant areas under the stairs, along the hallway, or in a closet.

9. Invest in Soundproofing

Since the work from home trend is here to stay, you might want to purchase soundproofing products. Carpets, acoustic panels, and triple-pane windows are some of the common soundproofing techniques. They are dual-purpose since they keep the room quiet while they add a decorative touch. Having a conducive office is crucial to excellent job performance.

While noise-canceling headphones typically get the job done, it may not be enough, especially if you often make calls.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you had fun reading this post. While we wish to “get back to normal” real soon, it seems that the “new normal” will sees the home office as a staple in our homes. I hope that this article helped you pick an inspiring design to beautify your office. Good luck with your feats, and please stay safe!



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