Tips to Choose and Keep Shower Enclosures and Trays Clean Quickly

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shower enclosure and trays

The autumn is about to start in a few days. It is the time when you don’t want to do much cleaning of the household. If you have shower enclosures with trays, then these become a major part of your bathroom. Therefore, much of your attention to cleaning should be on the shower area. If your shower cabin UK require cleaning, then it will have an impact on the overall look of your bathroom. If you are not regularly cleaning these fixtures, then it may easily become a harboring space of limescale, bacteria and soap deposits. While including cleaning an enclosure in your daily routine may be hard, there are types of enclosures that require less cleaning. 

In this article, we are going to provide help full tips to make cleaning easier for you. 

Are Shower Enclosures and Trays Hard to Clean?

You may be wondering why it even requires discussion. The shower enclosures and trays are mostly glass, and it should not have an issue in cleaning them with minimum effort. The answer is simple that if you don’t keep it clean regularly, then it becomes harder over time to clean it. The only way out of this issue is for you to know the ways to clean it quickly and efficiently. If you have not yet decided the type of enclosure you want to install, then you should consider choosing one of the designs that can be easier to keep clean.  

Ways to Clean Your Shower Enclosure and Trays

Many people make a mistake in keeping while focusing on the glass parts of a shower cubicle. However, it is equally important to give the same attention to other parts as well.

  • Glass (Walls and Doors) If you are not rinsing and drying the shower glass after every shower, it will only take a few days to build up limescale and soap residues. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean them after every shower. Occasionally, you may use glass cleaner to remove the limescale. However, it is important that you make sure these are delicate ones. You should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before using such products. 
  • Aluminum and Steel Profiles.  Often ignored, the metal profiles that usually make up the entire frame require equal attention for cleaning. You should only use specific detergents that are not hard on metal. It is also important not to use sponges that may result in scratches on the surface. If there is paint on the surface, then you will need to be extra cautious about cleaning. 
  • Gaskets.  These are mostly made with plastic and are also important to keep clean. Over time these become hard due to moisture that increases their risk of breakage. You should avoid using washing liquid for it. Water and a bit of mild soap can clean it perfectly. If it is already hard and its looks in poor condition, then better you replace it with a newer one. 
  • Shower Tray. It is the part of the enclosure that comes in contact with water all the time. However, often people ignore these. It is important that you always feel that you are standing on a clean surface while taking a shower. The easier way to clean it is to do regular cleaning. That will prevent deposits soaps on the tray surface. 

Now you have information about the important parts of an enclosure for cleaning purposes. Here is a list of enclosures that are quick and easier to clean.

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Shower Enclosure and Trays That Are Easier to Clean

In case you have not yet installed shower enclosures and trays, then you may consider the following types. 

  • Glass Panels and Walk in Showers.

Top of our list in terms of easiest to clean are the glass panels and walk-in shower enclosure. These are easier to maintain clean for a reason, and that is there are no aluminum and steel profiles, gaskets and shower trays. You only have a glass area to clean. In some cases, it may include a tray. So, you will require minimum effort with these options. 

  • Swing Shower Doors. 

A shower door is an important part of every enclosure. A double panel swing door can be helpful in keeping the area clean. The first reason is that it opens on the outside that will dry it quickly and close inside, leaving the floor without making it wet due to water splashes. A gasket that is under the door is helpful in keeping water inside the shower area. 

  • Pivot Shower Doors

 The pivot door can also be a good option with slimline frames. These open outside and are easier to clean and maintain. With a minimum metal profile, most of your efforts can be focused on the glass areas. 

Choosing High Quality Shower Enclosure and Trays?

In this article, we provide a few important tips that will make it easier for you to keep and maintain a clean shower enclosure and trays. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have high-quality easy clean shower cabins and shower trays available at competitive prices. You can visit our website to check our beautiful range of fittings and fixtures.



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