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Tips to choose the right size TV stand

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Because the TV stand is often at the heart of our home, it has a central position and a major role in the layout of the living room. Its dimensions must therefore be chosen with rigor, so that it adapts both to the room in which it is housed, but also to the television set it receives. The lengths, widths and heights must therefore be checked so that it is perfectly harmonized furniture in the interior design. A short guide to help you choose the right size TV stand.

Dimensions adapted to the living room

The purchase of the TV stand still requires a little thought and requires asking yourself a few questions. What space do we have at our disposal? How big is the room? What is the size of the TV? Is the piece of furniture intended to be placed on the floor or hung on the wall? What accessories should be stored in the furniture? All these elements will help determine the correct dimensions of the TV cabinet before purchasing it.

For it to fit perfectly into the room, whether it is the living room or the dining room, its proportions must be adapted to those of the room. If you have a large living space, you don’t hesitate to think big in length to occupy as much space as possible. In smaller areas, we put on a small TV stand that does not clutter the room more than necessary, at the risk of overloading the decoration. The objective is to find a visual harmony that ensures a well-designed layout.

A good tip is also to measure the length of the wall that will receive the TV stand. We then compare with the length of the furniture to see if it matches well.

What size for the TV stand?


The length of the TV stand is an essential criterion. You will find more or less wide pieces of furniture, ranging from 140 cm for the smallest to more than 220 cm for the longest. Today, our televisions are flat screens which no longer have anything to do with the old cathode-ray televisions. They are much longer, their size is expressed in inches, and it is not uncommon to find XXL TVs. TV cabinets must therefore adapt to receive these new televisions. This length is therefore decisive for two main reasons:

  • aesthetics : a television that is too large in relation to the furniture offers a cluttered and unharmonious rendering.
  • safety : In the same way, a television that protrudes on the sides hinders circulation and can cause the risk of shocks and the reversal of the television.

It is therefore advisable to have a cabinet length longer than the television. Allow a free space of at least 20 cm on each side of the television.


Regarding the depth, it will depend on the configuration of the room. In large rooms, depth is not necessarily an important criterion. In small living rooms, on the other hand, it may be wise to measure the distance between the coffee table and the edge of the TV stand to ensure that the passage between the two is facilitated.

Do not forget that the base of the television must be stable and well maintained. In this context, it is calculated whether the base of the television is placed flat entirely on the plate. Although it depends on the models, the minimum depths of TV cabinets are often 35 cm and can exceed 50 cm.


The height of the TV cabinet mainly has an impact in terms of comfort, which is why it is essential. This will depend on the height of the seat you are used to watching TV. It can be the living room chair or the sofa. For the most comfortable viewing possible, it is advisable to position the center of the TV screen at eye level. Imagine an imaginary line between your eyes and the television, this should be parallel to the ground. If your TV cabinet is too low, this can be rectified by placing the TV screen on a support.

The different sizes of TV stand

Low TV stand

It can be a TV bench or a simple low cabinet without legs. Its tray is therefore close to the ground. It is low for a more minimalist atmosphere in the room and a feeling of grandeur.

High TV stand

The high television cabinet is placed on feet, airy or more massive. It is therefore the height of the legs that will determine the general appearance of the furniture.

Suspended TV stand

The hanging TV cabinet is cleverly hung on the wall. The advantage is that it does not take up floor space. We make sure that the furniture is suspended at the right height to provide good visual comfort.

Long TV stand

The long TV cabinet has a very wide top. This tray generally goes beyond 200 cm. It is a practical support for the TV and other decorative objects.

Assess storage dimensions

The often forgotten dimensions are those of the storage compartments. In addition to the function of support for the TV, this furniture also fulfills the function of storage furniture. Depending on the needs, different things are placed there, more or less heavy and more or less voluminous. A good practice therefore consists in evaluating in advance the storage spaces necessary for the objects that you wish to place there. Sometimes simple shelves, small drawers or larger volumes are needed. Taking the interior dimensions of drawers, doors and niches can help you choose the furniture that is tailored to your requirements.



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