Types of Ottoman beds

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ottoman beds

How many types of beds are there? Modern ottoman beds, youth beds, beds with fun shapes, trundle beds, articulated beds,… Today there are so many types of beds, with different characteristics, that we may not know which one to choose.

With this article we try to explain the different beds on the market to help you choose the most suitable bed for each particular case.

Types of beds and their characteristics:


Also called bunk bed. It is composed of two or more ottoman beds, one on top of the other. The upstairs bed is accessible via a ladder.

Trundle bed

Bed made up of two pieces of furniture. One standard single bed and one with folding legs that stores underneath, ideal for saving space. By removing the bottom bed you will convert the single bed into a double bed with 2 mattresses.

Sofa bed

Furniture for the living room or bedroom that has the double function of a sofa and a bed.

Water bed

A waterbed is a prepared base for a water-filled mattress. In a water bed you can regulate the temperature. Waterbeds are more popular in the Nordic countries where it is colder at night.


Small bed with protection on the sides, designed for babies.

Folding bed

System already a bit old. A folding bed is a bed that is removed from a piece of furniture in which it is stored during the day. Today trundle beds and sofa beds are more popular.

Electric bed

Bed made up of an articulated bed base that is powered by an electric motor. It has a control to change the positions of the bed base. An electric bed can only be used with a flexible mattress, especially for articulated beds.

Articulated bed

In most cases, it is an electric bed but there are also manual articulated beds. It is a mattress that can adopt different positions.

Single bed

It is a bed for a single person, up to 105 cm wide. The standard measurement of a single bed is 90 × 190 cm.

Double bed

Designed for 2 people, the width is from 135 cm to 200 cm. The standard measurement of a double bed is 150 × 190 cm.

King Size

The bed with the largest measurement. A King Size bed is 180 cm to 200 cm wide and 200 cm long.

Modern beds

They are state-of-the-art beds with headboards in trendy colors and materials.

Youth beds

They are designed for the correct growth of the child, normally 80 cm wide and 180 cm long. It is also available in 90 cm and 105 × 180 cm, 190 cm and 200 cm. On the market there are youth beds with fun shapes, like a formula 1 car, with Barba drawings, etc.

Bed base

A base for the bed. It consists of a metal or wooden frame on which a series of sheets of wood or other material are embedded transversely.

Chest and Canapé

A bed that, by means of a set of pistons, you can lift the base together with the mattress, revealing a useful chest to store clothes, tablecloths or other belongings. The base can be laminated or upholstered. A sofa can also be an upholstered base without a chest.

Upholstered base

A solid mattress base, ideal for spring mattresses . It is a base consisting of an upholstered wooden plank supported by 4 or 6 legs.

Fixed Base Beds

They have a metal or wooden structure, with railings on both sides.

The bed base is rigid and does not allow the headboard or the feet to be raised.

Some of these equipment’s may have wheels incorporated.

Manual articulated beds

They have a basic structure, but have an articulated bed base in 2 planes.

With this type of bed, comfort is obtained because the patient can sit up and elevate his feet.

Even so, they are basic beds, since their articulation is manual.

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