10 Quick Tips to Improve your Social Media Marketing

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10 quick tips to improve your social media marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to promote your business. However, this tool has become saturated with content and strategies as more marketers join the space. This blog post will give you 10 quick tips that will help you stand out social media marketing from the competition and increase engagement on your social media channels.

1) Create a powerful online presence that people will want to follow.

If you aren’t already on social media, it’s never too late to get started by creating an account for your company or organization. A little bit of effort in this area can go a long way towards increasing awareness about who you are and what your business is all about. Social media is all about building relationships and if you focus on sharing interesting content while also making connections with the right people, the easier it becomes for new customers/clients to find out about who you are and what your company does.

2) Keep your posts short and sweet.

Short, specific articles that focus on one topic will increase the likelihood of shares and engagement. If you need to cover a large amount of material in an article, break it down into smaller pieces so each piece can be easily shared. This approach has been shown to engage more readers than longer content with multiple topics.

3) Keep your posts relevant and timely.

If you want to promote a sale or event, make sure the content is time-sensitive so readers know when they should act to take advantage of it. It can also be beneficial to schedule social media updates in advance if you need to share material that isn’t necessarily time pertinent such as blogs or longer articles.

4) Post regularly on Facebook and Twitter but not too frequently.

Your followers will quickly become annoyed with excessive posting and start ignoring updates from your company altogether. When you do post, make sure the information is interesting to your followers so they remain engaged in what you have to share. A good rule of thumb here is to post more frequently on Twitter while using Facebook for longer messages.

5) Use hashtags sparingly when tweeting or posting on Instagram.

You may want to use a hashtag for every post but this will only end up making them less effective since people won’t be able to follow along easily because there are too many different tags (#). Stick with one or two relevant hashtags that allow users interested in what you have posted about quickly find it without having to search through hundreds of posts/tags.

6) Don’t forget photos!

Photos are extremely important when promoting content on social media, especially if they contain interesting information such as infographics or charts. Many companies also take advantage of running contests where customers can share photos of themselves using or wearing their product to win free merchandise.

7) If you aren’t currently posting videos on your company page, then it is about time that you start doing so!

Girl handling her mobile phone on tri pod stands to record video for social media

Videos are a powerful way to engage an audience and most social media channels have adapted their design so they can easily accommodate video content. Make sure that the videos you create for your company page, whether it’s a short clip or a longer tutorial/presentation, contain interesting information about what you do for customers. People of all ages enjoy watching videos from brands more than any other type of content which means this will help increase visibility and awareness tremendously.

8) Post content from others whenever possible.

When sharing material from another source such as someone else’s blog post or article, always make sure attribution is included so readers know where it came from (a link back). This will increase your credibility and make readers more likely to engage with you in the future.

9) Get involved in conversations by responding to comments or questions from followers whenever possible so they know their voice matters to you.

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your social media marketing is to show that you are interested in what people have to say. It’s important not only because showing interest builds strong relationships but this action alone has been shown to lead towards increased customer loyalty which can result in more revenue for businesses.

10) Track your posts and measure results.

If you aren’t tracking social media engagement, then you won’t be able to tell what works best for increasing likes, shares, retweets, etc., which means it will take much longer for you to find the optimal content strategy that brings in the most traffic/awareness.

In conclusion, social media is a powerful tool for businesses to utilize when trying to increase awareness and visibility in their industry. When executed well, social media can be an extremely effective marketing technique. These 10 quick tips should help you improve your overall social media strategy so that you can attract more followers or likes for your posts, thus increasing traffic to your site.



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Thursday, 07th July 2022
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