A Step-to-Step Guide for Installation of Your Furnace System

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Furnaces system is a basic necessity of every modern house. While it allows you to enjoy all the comforts, Furnace Installation system requires some work in order to get the best out of them. This step-to-step guide is based on preferences and guidelines which are aimed at new installation use.

Installing a new furnace system may be a very difficult task for everyone who has no experience with it. It would be better if professionals installed your furnace system, but since it is too costly, most people tend to do them by themselves or with the help of their family members/friends.

If you are not sure about your furnace system, ask the supplier or consult your city officials. They can give you exact information on what materials/tools are required for the job since every heating system has different requirements. To know more about furnace systems, read this article. Here, I will provide you with a step-to-step guide to install the furnace easily. So, keep reading!

Understand Your Furnace Needs:

First of all, you need to understand that your furnace system has a different requirement. It may be a single unit or multi-units. For this case, I’ll consider a single heating unit.

Before going further with the installation process, it is necessary to provide some required tools and materials:

All type of Furnace System requires these tools and materials for installation purpose. You can buy them from any hardware shop nearby your home. If possible, take expert help as well because he might know about the exact material/tool list of your specific furnace, which you don’t even know about it!

Find a Suitable Place for Installing Furnace:

Now, after purchasing your furnace, you must be very excited about installation. But wait! Always read the installation manual carefully and do as mentioned. This helps in avoiding any kind of problem or accident during future use. Generally, we can find a suitable place inside our house to install it which is near an electric point and away from any direct sunlight beam etc.

Suppose you live in a big house then it’s better to purchase two separate furnaces that are one for upstairs and another one installed at ground level. Also, remember that if there is no outside access for installing flue pipe, then maybe the option would be to go with a gas-fired unit instead of the oil-fired unit because this has less requirement of additional components required for installation.

Cut the Air Return Opening

To install the flue pipe, cut a hole in the wall or ceiling. The size of this hole can be decided based on how wide and tall your furnace is. Somewhere between 36″ to 42″ seems good.

Once you have finished cutting the opening for the air return, it’s time to call a HVAC contractor who has experience installing this before. They know how to work with your house and what will fit well and what won’t fit well. Now you want an opening in your wall that is tight so that no cold air from outside can come in. But it should be wide enough when you add another room on top of the furnace.

If you do not want problems in the future, then you should get professional help before starting to install HVAC.

Construct A Simple Platform & Attach Supply Plenum Ring

If the floor is not flat, then you should attach a ring to the floor before installing any other parts. For this, you need things like a drill machine, screwdriver, spirit level and hammer drill. This is the best way to do it.

You can use nails to attach rings to the floor. Make sure that at least 8 inches of the ring resting on a wooden support. Once you have the boards cut, it’s time to build a platform. Use 2x8s and space them evenly around the plenum ring with G clamps. Put 1.5 inches in between every two boards when you make the plenum ring. Once it is on the platform, use wood screws to fix them together.

Take two boards. Put them on the ground. Make sure they are far away from the hole in the wall. Screw them down with screws so they don’t fall down. Securely attach the line that supplies your furnace to the furnace system with hose clamps made of stainless steel. Put hose bibs on both ends of the line before you feed it through the bottom side of two 4×4 boards.

Once the water is turned on, use a spirit level to make sure that the pipe comes out straight outside. Then, if you need it later, you can use a vent for your air outside.

Connect the Condensate Drain & Connect Refrigerant Lines

Now connect the drain line to the condensate pump and feed the refrigerant lines (R-410a) through a hole in 4×4 boards near the top.

While connecting the drain line, make sure that the outdoor end of the pipe is at least 1 foot above ground level because if it gets blocked or clogged, then water can easily flood your house. Also, check for any loose-fitting joints and tighten them properly.

Water drainage systems coming out from the house may be made up of different materials like copper tubing, IBR, etc. So, while attaching these lines with each other, you need to use proper tubing fittings like elbow, tee, reducer according to installation requirements. Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines are used for connecting the outdoor unit with the indoor one. These lines are mainly copper or aluminum and very thin in comparison to copper tubing used for the drain line. Use the appropriate size of the tubing according to the required spacing between pipes, length, etc.

Connect Supply Tubing and Plenum Duct

Now connect supply tubing with the furnace unit and cover it with a metal “plenum duct,” which is a protective device. Fix it without any gap between the fitter and plenum duct using pieces of wire.

In case if you have already fixed the old drain line, then now connect the new one to that drain line. Use a proper size Teflon tape, which prevents the leakage of refrigerant from tubing connections.

Now connect metal lines with copper or aluminum lines in order to avoid corrosion. Make sure that you have connected the right size inlet and outlet fittings in accordance with the fitter size without any gap between them.

End Thoughts:

By following these tips, you can easily install the furnace system at your premises. You can also get professional support from Le High HVAC. They will help you to install the system by guiding you in clear words. If you have any further queries, then visit their office in your city or just leave a message in our comment box. We will get back to you soon. And if you find it helpful for other readers, then share this article on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc…




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