Digital Marketing Course: Expectations vs Reality

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Digital Marketing Course

Over two decades of online transformation, digital marketing has opened unlimited and fantastic opportunities for small, medium and large companies and brands worldwide. Now that the internet and social media platforms have developed faster and more refined ways of generating leads, building brands, and more, it is an open secret. Interestingly, this transformation wave has opened an Opportunities Treasure Chest for the digital marketing career.

We see the various conflicting debates over social media vs reality and social media vs real life. But the fact is that expectation and reality become poles apart many times. If you have creativity, the right strategy and proper technical knowledge, you can get fruitful results because every coin has two faces. So let us bust a few online marketing myths that need a reality check. This article will further help you understand some of the expectations about digital marketing and its reality.

Increased Web Traffic Grows Business

Reality — Right traffic grows your business.

Nobody can deny that web traffic gets business leads, but a difference between web traffic and relevant web traffic is an affecting factor.

For example, if a website sells calculators, the people interested in calculators are the relevant leads, and nothing else—views conversion into outcomes is vital. Expert digital marketers use various techniques that attract billions of viewers, but no one can ensure that all will generate leads.

Only Prominent Big Brands Embrace Digital Marketing

Reality — Digital marketing benefits all businesses; it is not big-business-specific.

Only big brands use online marketing is a total myth. Every small, medium, or large business can use digital marketing to grow, whether it is a startup, old brand or company, digital marketing boons to every marketer today. For example, if a business sells teenagers products, they can no longer hide from the global digital world. First, teenagers will look for your online presence and get more information. Hence, businesses of all sizes need an online presence on social platforms.

Robust Content Development is Important

Reality — Strategy and Planning are equally essential to increase engagement on posts.

Robust content development is essential across brands, keeping social platform competition focused. But, it is not the only way of staying at the top. High-quality content requires various elements like video, images, GIFs, etc. You can only gain competence if you properly learn digital marketing skills. Digital marketing alone does not give desired results but embedding the right strategy and planning plays a key role.

Digital Marketing Guarantees More Money

Reality — If you adopt proper digital marketing, that means more money.

Digital marketing means more money is only speculation. Digital marketing without proper knowledge cannot benefit anyone. Good digital marketing includes ideas and skills that build the platform for a company. Hence, one can make more money from digital marketing by applying appropriate techniques in the right place. Doing this still does not assure big money, but a proper online digital marketing approach will likely get more business to make more money.

Online Platforms are the same

Reality — Every platform requires a different understanding.

Various online platforms are available for digital marketing, and you need to understand each digital marketing platform separately. You cannot send a similar message using Twitter and Instagram. Good digital marketing approach target audiences of various gender, ages, and even different areas on each social media platform that help you target your right audience. You can generate leads using social media platforms if you have proper digital marketing skills. Social media is the most target audience developing platform today, but you cannot apply the same method on all the platforms.

Paid Ads Means Means Massive Web Traffic

Reality — Content quality plays a vital role.

Paid ads increase a website’s visibility is factual to some extent, but nobody can guarantee this anyway. Content is The King, and its importance plays a key role in quality improvement, paid ads reach more users, but it does not improve your ad quality. Customers only click attractive ads. Hence, you need to focus on quality that shows relevant growth on the website.


In short, there are many expectations and myths about digital marketing. It is also a fact that digital marketing is everybody needs to promote brands, products and services. You can only get the desired result if you adopt appropriate methods and approaches. A digital marketing course with a work placement is ideal for learning to get massive online benefits, including money-making. Furthermore, the following training and certifications make you a capable digital marketer:

  • Video editing
  • Instagram marketing course online
  • YouTube marketing training
  • Digital marketing training with work placement
  • Production editing course
  • Digital upskilling course
  • Video production and editing courses
  • Google SEO certification
  • Digital marketing certificate
  • SEO training certification
  • Video Production training with work placement
  • SEO training course
  • Video production course
  • Social media marketing online course
  • Digital marketing course
  • YouTube marketing course

Finally, Digital marketing worldwide, in the UK especially, is at the boom undoubtedly that provides the fruitful outcome for business and money. Still, we need to be aware and frequently upgrade ourselves because every day brings new competitions and innovations in this global digital world.



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Wednesday, 06th July 2022
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