The best strategy to increase followers on Instagram 2022

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increase followers on Instagram

You must know that the person with more followers on Instagram can earn money. Because more people will see the posts of those people. So you can tell more and more people about your service or product. That’s why many people keep looking for ways to increase followers on their Instagram.

Increasing Instagram followers has become extremely difficult because every second million posts are published. And the number of creators has also increased a lot. So it has become difficult for the people who should know who should not.

So in this article, you will know the latest strategy for 2022, by which you can boost your Instagram followers. And there are some people who provide the service of followers, like followersindia, but for now, we will only know about growing followers in an organic way.

Find what your niche is

Every creator or brand has a distinct niche. If you have a business account, then you should know your niche. Because you cannot put posts in different categories to increase followers on Instagram,

You have to see whether you are good at informative content or entertaining content. It may also be that you are good at both. For example, if a fitness influencer is posting his workout posts, he is entertaining people.

And if the same person is giving tips and tutorials related to workouts, then he is giving informative content. Similarly, you also recognize your skills or what you are good at and put content related to them.

Reels are the best way to reach more audience

Do you know that Instagram reel was first launched in Brazil in 2019? After that, in 2020, it was made available in other countries as well. And now it is being used by people in 150 countries.

Do you know the reason why big Instagrammers publish more reels than normal posts? This is because with reels you can reach your audience even if you do not follow them. How good is this, isn’t it?

70% of the content on your profile must be in the format of reels. That is, if you are sharing 8 posts in a month, then there should be 5 reels out of it. And this is the newest and most effective way to increase followers on Instagram.

Give a call to action in your caption

If you want the user to share your post, not just like it or tag other people, then you have to write something in your caption so that they tag or share it on the post.

For that, you have to keep the content of your post funny or related. Because when people are able to relate to that content, then only they will share it with their friends. And these strategies are being adopted by every single brand or creator.

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Use every social media platform to tell people about your account

If you think that only posting on Instagram will boost your followers, then it will take a lot of time and your followers may not increase at all. because you must inform everyone about your account.

Your Facebook friends, WhatsApp contacts, Twitter followers, or YouTube subscribers may not be aware of your Instagram account. So they will know only when you share your Instagram profile with them.

Let’s say you have 200 Facebook friends, and half of them are also active. Then you can message them with your profile. If even 100 active friends see your message, then just imagine that many of them will definitely follow you. You have to submit your profile using every social media platform.

Follow others who post the same content as yours

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram, then you have to follow those people who post content similar to you. 

In this, you can also follow those whose followers are more than 10k. Now you must be thinking that this will grow your following and not the number of followers.

Actually, when you follow those people and comment on their posts, they will definitely check your profile. And if they like your content and you have also optimized your profile, then they will definitely follow you back.

And you can then talk to them and share each other’s posts on your Instagram story. Since you both have the same niche, your post will be liked by their audience and they will also follow you.


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