Why Business Required Online Marketing?

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Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the parts of marketing. Each and every business required marketing to inform the customers about the business, products and services that they are offering to the customers.

Customers are always ready to buy some new products and services but without informing them how they can know about your products and services and here marketing come into the picture.

Marketing performs a major role in the business. There is different type of marketing: 1) Offline Marketing and 2) Online Marketing.

Let’s first understand offline marketing.

Offline Marketing: Offline marketing includes Posters, Holdings, Newspaper ads, Word of mouth etc. Offline marketing is useful to inform the customers about the products and value services that you are providing to them. When you are starting some business idea you required offline marketing as this type of marketing to catch the customer attraction to the products and services.

For example, Sunil is an entrepreneur and wants to start a Printing Press business. The first thing that he needs to do is advertise about the new Printing Press in their area.

Sunil may distribute some pamphlets in the local area, Stick some holding about the new Printing Press in the crowded area, Sponsor some local events like cricket, school sports activities, involved in some social activities like Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, Tree plantation etc.

This type of activity informs the local customer about this new Printing Press shop in the area and after that, they start to visit the shop. These are the initial activities done by Sunil to inform the local customers about his new business.

Now, Sunil wants to expand his business and he wants to include T-Shit Printing, Printing on Mug, Promote some Brand, Create unique printed Items for a Brand etc. Sunil wants printing work from the corporate sector and wants to expand his business globally.

Now to expand this business globally, some marketing strategy Sunil requires to inform about his business idea to the target audience that is the corporate companies. In this situation, Sunil can’t distribute the pamphlet in an entire City, State or country, He can’t stick holding in an entire City, State or Country.

This type of solution may increase marketing budgets. In this situation, online marketing helps Sunil to archive his Goal.

Let’s come to our main topic i.e. Online Marketing. Online Marketing: Nowadays each and every individual have a smartphone along with a 4G internet connection. As of 2021, 53% of the world’s population has internet access. (Source- Peoples are more active on the Internet.

Online marketing is a way to marketing over the Internet. You are marketing over the internet doesn’t mean that you are targeting entire users who are using the Internet. Online marketing allows you to choose your target area, target audience, target platform, target Age group and more.

In short, we can say that online marketing is the value of money that you are investing in the marketing because it knows the target audience and provides granted organic traffic.

Online Marketing

Different Types of online marketing

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing increases the website visibility in the search result. More visibility means more traffic.

– You can further divide SEM.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is a technique to optimize the website so that the website gets a higher rank in the search engine result. Users are generally visiting the website listed on the first page or second page from the search engine search result. If your website gets a higher rank means top in the search engine result then the chance of the traffic is more compared to a lower rank.

So SEO is must required for the website to get more traffic from the search engine. Using Search Engine Optimization you can generate traffic without investing in marketing.

Search Ads / Paid Ads

Search Ads or Paid Ads is a paid service provided by the search engine (Like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) to get top rank in the search result. The search engine provides some space at the top of the result for the paid Ads, Your website link get top rank and is displayed in the Ads area in the search engine result.

Top rank means more clicks and more traffic. Your Search Ads are only visible if the search keyword matches your predefined keywords.

2. SMM – Social Media Marketing

Now Social Media has a large community and has a large target audience. Platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram allows you to promote your business Ads through Social Media. They also help you to increase the traffic on your social media page.

3. Mobile Marketing

Nowadays there are so many free apps available in the Market store like Google Play and Apple App Store. Free apps generally provide some advertising along with the apps. Uses of Mobile devices are increasing day by day and this will help you to market your product to mobile users. Mobile advertise display with the help of mobile apps or mobile websites.

4. Email Marketing

There are two types of email:

1) Promotional

2) Transactional.

Promotional email: Promotional or Marketing emails are generally used to send bulk emails to the target audience. You can purchase emails from the market for your target audience and send bulk emails to all. This type of email is used only to inform the target audience about the new business and services.

Create email templates the include business promotion and services and send bulk emails to all target audiences.

Transactional email: Transactional email is only used to send emails to your customer. Transactional email is generally used to inform some new business activities, some alerts, customer account updates etc.

For example, You have some transaction-related emails from your bank. Both types of emails are used to promote your business.

5. Online Classified Advertising

Online classified advertising means you are listing your business with a website that allows you to list your business details on the website. You can include your business name, address, contact, email, website link, product images and description.

Customers are generally searching for the website where all the businesses are listed so that they can easily find them. Such a type of website also helps the customer to compare services and prices from a different provider. So online classified advertising is also important to promote your business.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to hire some third parties to promote your products and services and generate some potential customers. There are so many websites having daily traffic with the target users. You can ask them to promote your services and products on the website.

7. Content Marketing

Content is the king. To market the business we required some good content and media. You can publish your content in the form of a blog, press release, Media publish, e-book and more. There are so many websites having good daily traffic, you can promote your content over there. You can also create your own blog and press release site to promote your business content.


There are so many ways to reach your target audience through online marketing. You can decide the best online marketing strategy based on your business requirement, Marketing Budget, Marketing Strategy, Products and services and Target Audience.

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