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10 Common Virtual Event Mistakes with Ways to Avoid them

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Virtual Event

Virtual events platforms have set a whole new movement in the events industry lately. However, not everybody is aware of this virtual format. With less understanding of the virtual events sphere, there are also numerous misconceptions & misunderstandings that people are not clear with. While some feel that hosting events virtually is a bizarre task, some think it’s too risky. But this is absolutely not true. The efficacy of a virtual event execution depends entirely on you and the way you plan the event. Your planning can either make or break your event. To help you explore these aspects, we have covered some of the most common mistakes that you can make and ways to avoid them

List of 10 Common Virtual Event Mistakes that You Should Avoid to Ensure a Smooth Execution

1) Too Heavy Content

Audience engagement is essential for any online event. It is also one of the most challenging tasks to achieve. There are innumerable distractions present in the virtual events sphere in comparison to on-site events. Your content is significant, and so it must be complete & impressive to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event. However, long & content-heavy presentations can be tedious and might drive your event attendees away. Therefore, providing informative yet engrossing content with the appropriate harmony of different content formats can be considered a very beneficial trick to keep the attendees engaged.

2) Creating a Boring Event Agenda

Think about how much content you are presenting to your attendees during the virtual event. Not just that but also think about how long they are making them sit through the sessions. It is so because when you make your attendees consume a lot of information for a longer time, they get bored. Therefore, create an event agenda that keeps your attendees engaged and does not make them log out of the virtual event. Another idea is to provide enough mini-breaks during the sessions or include breakout sessions during the event.

3) Choosing the Wrong Virtual Event Platform

Organizing a virtual event means the first thing that your should think of is defining your goals and planning the event. The next significant step is coming on board with an appropriate virtual exhibition platform. Choosing the wrong platform can for sure lead to a bad event experience for your attendees and also minimize the success prospects of the event. Hence, make sure you choose the right virtual event platform that meets all your event needs & requirements. Research well and take platform demos from different service providers and then make an informed decision as you choose the platform.

4) Not Providing Enough Interactive Opportunities

An excellent & expert virtual event platform will always provide you with numerous interactive opportunities & also make you understand the importance of the same. However, not including such features can lead to your event failure as the best way to keep the attendees engaged is by providing interactive tools. Therefore, skip this pitfall by including highly interactive features like real-time chat, live polls, Q&A sessions, etc.

5) Choosing the Wrong Presenters

The speakers you choose to present the sessions are the voice of your virtual event. Hence, not choosing the right presenters or speakers for your virtual event can be a big mistake. Make sure you choose speakers who are experienced and know how to interact with the attendees

6) Bringing the Wrong Sponsors Onboard

Be it a physical or an online event, the importance of relevant sponsorship remains identical. The virtual event sphere offers limitless opportunities for event organizers to draw new sponsors, promote them on the platform and gain potential exposure from the online experience. One of the biggest virtual event mistakes a person makes is choosing the wrong sponsors. Therefore, avoid this mistake by picking the appropriate sponsors for your virtual event. Another thing every organizer must know is that if the sponsorship content is not right, it works just like a distraction for the users.

7) Not Providing Enough Networking Opportunities

Networking is one of the key reasons why attendees participate in any event. However, many event organizers make the mistake of not providing good networking tools for the users. And due to this, attendees’ expectation is not fulfilled and they end up having a negative experience at the event. Therefore, make sure you include highly interactive networking opportunities at the event. An expert virtual exhibition platform provides organizers with countless networking features that help in elevating the attendee experience.

8) Not Testing the Technology before the Big Day

Practising and testing the technology is not a choice but a compulsion. If you don’t make your speakers practice before going live, there would be a possibility of friction during the event sessions. Therefore, make sure your speakers practice before going live at the event. Not just this but also test the virtual event technology so there is no possibility of any glitches or errors during the event.

9) Ignoring the Interaction after the Event

Most event planners believe that audience engagement is over once the event is over. But this is not true. In fact, the real attendee engagement begins after the online event. While you should also organize live polls & surveys during the event, it is significant to run a post-event follow-up campaign. Ask your attendees for their feedback and try to understand their experience. It is further going to help you take better decisions in the future.

10) Not Hiring a Managed Virtual Event Platform

Virtual events can be a whole new sphere for the event organizers where they might end up failing to understand the functionalities. Even if that is not the case, planning and setting up a virtual event can be a lengthy task. In a situation like this, a mistake that organizers end up making is choosing a self-managed and plan-based virtual event platform. Hence, make sure you choose a platform that provides completely customizable, flexible, and scalable solutions along with a fully managed service. By doing this, you can get enough time to focus on the rest of the tasks and content preparation.

Avoid these mistakes and follow the mentioned tips, and we ensure you a successful virtual event execution.



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