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Best Zoom Alternatives to Host Online Conferences

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Zoom Alternatives

Zoom is one of the most popular and well-known platforms that has helped the organizers host video conferences and helped people stay connected during times of uncertainty. It is indeed one of the most popular video conferencing tools that have ever existed. But, it’s high time that we move ahead of Zoom and look for other platforms that are efficient enough for hosting online conferences. 

The reason is that no matter the efficiency of Zoom, this platform has its limitations and loopholes. 

Hence, addressing the need of the hour, we have come up with a list of the best Zoom alternatives that you can use to host online meetings and conferences. So, without further ado, let us get started.



The first name that deserves to stay on the top of this list is Mixhubb. This promising yet powerful tool is a 3D online event and conference platform that comes with a set of some of the most robust features, helping the organizers host their online conferences most efficiently and subtly. Mixhubb is a self-managed online platform, empowering its users to get a hold of their event from beginning to the end and organize the meeting all by themselves. Not only this, but since it is a customizable platform, you can add a touch of personalization and execute your meetings by customizing the platform according to your brand objectives and requirements.

Mixhubb is a super-economical platform that allows you to host your online meetings beyond any scale and kind. So, it does not matter if you are an MNC or a small business, Mixhubb has got you covered. On top of that, Mixhubb comes with several compelling and advanced features that ensure that you execute your plans in the most effective and hassle-free way. Also, it comes with a one-month free trial plan, which we believe is enough for the organizers to test the efficiency of the platform. 


RingCentral Video: 

The next name we will talk about is RingCentral Video. This platform is known for its powerful integration and efficient solutions to host unforgettable online conferences. Even after being a free-of-cost platform, RingCentral Video does not compromise on the quality of the video conference and helps you stream your conferences in HD quality. Its free plan allows you to host meetings with up to 100 attendees for 24 hours.

Not only this, its application comes with a storage capacity of 10 hours of recording. The organizers can save the recording for a week for downloading, and shared on any device. Also, with its Pro model, you can host meetings with up to 200 attendees and store 100 hours of conferences. It comes with several compelling and interesting features, such as live chat, screen sharing, and task management. Moreover, it has an application that allows you to attend meetings from any device of your choice. Also, if you do not want to download the application, you can attend the conference with a single click from any browser of your choice. 


Cisco Webex:

It is one of the simplest to use online meeting platforms. Cisco Webex allows you to host efficient meetings for up to 100 attendees and for 50 minutes. It comes with features like screen sharing and engaging features like a whiteboard and live messaging. These features keep the attendees hooked to the event. It also allows the organizers to keep the audience engagement rates consistent throughout the conference or meeting. Its paid plan includes features like transcriptions, file sharing, raising hands, and more. Cisco Webex never compromises the security of the users and their events. Hence, while hosting events through this platform, you do not need to worry about any online breaches and security threats. Not only this, it has applications for Android as well as iOS users, enabling the attendees to join the meeting from the device of their choice. 



One of the most powerful and renowned names that we have when it comes to hosting online conferences is GoToMeeting. If you are planning to host meetings for a large number of attendees, look no further. Its cheapest plan allows you to host meetings for up to 150 attendees. And the upgraded plans expand to 250 and 3000. This online conference platform is easy to use and comes with a very simple interface. It helps the organizers to host meetings seamlessly and allowing attendees to attend the meetings and conferences hassle-free. This platform is completely safe and comes with a PIN-based entry. Not only this, it is a multi-device accessible platform. It allows the attendees to join the meeting from any device of their choice. Moreover, it comes with features like ‘raise a hand’, live polls, chat, etc. 

Over time, Zoom has become our comfort zone and it is the reason most organizers would avoid the loopholes of this platform. However, as time is passing, we have realized that online events are going to be the future of the event industry. Hence, it is better to look for some alternatives to Zoom. If you are planning your online conferences, you should consider choosing any of the above-mentioned platforms. 



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