How to set up a new laptop

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The device still needs to be configured. This process takes some time, but in general it is not difficult. In addition, you can do it exactly as it will be convenient for you for further work. So to speak, set up “for yourself.” After carrying out certain manipulations, your computer will be ready for use.

Note that the laptop setup procedure is similar for all models. It is absolutely no different from the names of manufacturers.

Consider the algorithm of actions that are necessary for this within the framework of this article.


The laptop setup scheme is similar for all models. When you first start the device, Windows prompts you for a name and password that you must set. Note that setting a password is optional. It depends only on your desire and the need to limit the laptop from other users. This is usually done on work computers. Also a password is set in order to protect against children who may accidentally get into the computer.

If you decide not to specify a password when you turn it on for the first time. You can set it already during the operation of the device in the accounts section.

But it should be said that having a password will not protect your laptop 100%. To completely restrict access to it special settings of the high complexity level are used. See here the world best Arm Mini PC at Apcsilmic.


Hard disk partitioning

If the new computer has one partition on which the OS is installed and data is placed. It should be divided into two.

This will help a lot in the future. For example when reinstalling Windows. Since with this procedure all information contained on the disk is destroyed. To prevent this from happening all the necessary files are placed on the second disk. That’s what sectioning is for. It can be done using the following methods.

Using regular Windows tools. Press Win+X. This combination will bring up a menu in which you must select “Disk Management”. We click the right mouse button click “Compress Volume” and create another partition in the free space.

Recommended system size – from 100 Gb.

Using third party software. To date, there are a huge number of programs for hard disk partitioning. They can be free and with some amount of payment. We advise you to be as careful as possible when breaking down sections. This process should be carried out carefully and carefully. As many manufacturers install hidden partitions that contain a Windows backup.

They can not be seen and deleted by mistake. Thus there is a risk of irretrievably losing a copy of the system. In addition if the hard drive does not work correctly. System parameters may be deleted and the OS will not start.

Unnecessary programs

Trial versions of some programs are additional earnings for manufacturers. They often install them on new devices. For example antivirus software. Typically its work takes place within thirty days and then the software must be purchased for a certain amount of money. Accordingly after payment the full version will be available.

If you do not plan to purchase such a program further then it is better to delete the available versions. In trial mode immediately. Users usually already have a number of programs that they are used. There is no need to replace any of them with the software offered by the manufacturer.

Note that most do not notice how the trial version of the programs ceases to work or be updated. They continue their activities unaware of the absence of the same antivirus program. And this is extremely dangerous for your computer.

Therefore do not neglect this moment. We recommend that you immediately carefully study all the trivial versions on your device. If possible remove and purchase permanent software.

Note that on a new computer there may be not one but several programs at once. The functionality of which is not always clear to the user. As a rule all of them with limited possibilities of operation. The program can be found in the search by name and study its description in detail.

And then decide whether you need it or not. After all the less the device is overloaded with the presence of various software. The more efficiently its work is carried out. Therefore we recommend deleting everything unnecessary immediately.

An important point do not get rid of the programs installed by the manufacturer to update drivers on your computer.

Drivers and OS updates

When starting a new laptop we recommend downloading all available Windows updates. This must be done to correct all errors present on the device within the framework of its security. Stable operation and efficient operation of the operating system.

The latest drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website in the “Support” section and installed on your laptop. It is recommended to update the BIOS only if the device is not stable.

Note that some manufacturers install certain programs that allow you to download and install drivers on your computer. As a rule in Windows 10 they are installed automatically. Sometimes this procedure occurs manually in cases of incorrect operation of the laptop.

Playing video and audio files

Some audio or video recordings sometimes won’t play on a new computer. It depends on the support of a particular file format. To do this you need to install the appropriate player and codecs that allow you to launch the files available on the laptop. You can download them on the official website of the developer.

Note that on Windows 10 this problem usually does not occur. This OS supports most formats.

Thus, after setting up the laptop itself you can already install all the software you need on it . You can choose from both free and paid lists.



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