PST File to EML – How to Migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail?

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migrate outlook to windows live mail

Human communication requires email. As you know, Outlook is the most popular and most used application. However, for certain reasons, users want to export Outlook PST files to Windows Live Mail to solve their problems. Here we will share one of the best and most advanced techniques for the conversion of the Outlook PST files to Windows Live Mail.

Before you start converting, let’s gather know about both the EML and PST file.

What are PST and EML Files?

PST (Personal Storage Table)

When you forward individual emails from Outlook, they become MSG. However, the email is saved as a single PST file (with a “.pst” extension). Personal Storage Table (PST) PST is also an advanced way to store all your data including emails. Using the PST file one can also check up on their emails offline.

Windows Live Mail

Meanwhile, Windows Live EML file is an open-source email service. Windows Live Mail is optimized for Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 but is also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What are the reasons for migration?

PST into Windows Live Mail has many advantages therefore millions of people around the world use Outlook. Currently, creating a data backup is essential to protect and restore data files. But still, users need to convert their Outlook PST files to EML format as:

  • If a user changes jobs or a new employee uses WLM as their primary email client, then it will be necessary to import the Outlook PST file into Windows Live Mail.
  • Used by multiple email clients.
  • EML files can be easily saved and accessed.
  • Useful when forwarding individual emails.
  • The EML files can be opened on the web, users just have to change the file extension to .mht
  • Supports multiple operating systems.

Thus, a user has to migrate their Outlook PST files to the EML format.

Methods of conversion

Let us now have a look at how a user will be able to convert their PST files to EML format. Moreover, a user can use the manual method. The manual method of conversion consists of two options that a user can go through. But, still, there are several problems or obligations that are faced by the users while going through the manual conversion of the PST files to the EML format. Let us now discuss the conversion

The manual method of conversion

The manual method of conversion gives users two options. These options include

Option 1- Conversion with the MS Outlook

Let us have a look at both of these options and the steps required to follow the conversion of the PST files to Outlook PST format using both of these options.

Option 1- Conversion with the MS Outlook

  • Select the desired Outlook email and start dragging.
  • Continue dragging until you reach the desktop screen.
  • Drop the email on your desktop screen.

Option 2- Conversion with the Mozilla Thunderbird

Another manual way to convert PST files to EML is to use Mozilla Thunderbird. You can do the conversion with older versions of Thunderbird by following a few simple steps.

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird, click the Tools button, and then click Import on the Tools menu.
  • Select Import All Now and click Next.
  • Select Outlook and click next.
  • Select Outlook.
  • The process is starting. Wait for it to finish.
  • Wait for the process to finish. When the process is complete, select all the emails and click the Save As button.
  • Select the Save As button to save the email to the desired location in the new version.
  • Click the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, select Tools and click Import.
  • Select an import tool.
  • Select what you need here and click next.
  • Please select what you need

These are the method to follow the conversion of your PST files manually to the EML format.

Limitations of the Manual method

Users do find this method a complex method to convert their Outlook PST files to EML format as.

  • Data inaccuracy is there
  • Files are not maintained as it is
  • Bulk conversion of the PST files is not possible
  • Nor a safe and secure option to go for

Conversion using the PST to EML Converter

This professionally designed PST to EML converter facilitates conversion tasks by easily converting PST files to EML format. With this app, you can perfectly convert PST files to EML format. Even users with little technical knowledge can easily use the app with a graphical user interface that allows new users to easily convert PST files. Moreover, users can easily follow the conversion of their Outlook PST files without facing any kind of trouble while using this GainTools PST to EML Converter Software. The steps are provided below for easy conversion of the PST files to EML format.

  • Download the PST converter tool to EML on your Windows system
  • Install the app

download pst to eml software

  • Add the PST files you want to export

open pst

  • Preview those selected PST files

pst to eml converter

  • Now, select the location of the converted PST files

choose output destination

  • Complete the conversion process by clicking the “Convert Now”

click convert now button

With just a few clicks all the Outlook PST files can be converted to the EML file format while going through the above-provided steps. Moreover, there are no barriers for users. Proper screenshots of these steps are also provided by the tool in order to carry out an easy conversion task.

Final Words

Users should try this amazing PST to EML converter to convert PST files to EML format. The app will always do simple and easy conversions without any problems. Users can try the free demo version of the app, so they can faithfully convert some of their PST files to EML format and learn about the app. After trying the demo version, users will be able to purchase the licensed version and confidently convert an unlimited number of PST files.



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