Steps To Get Your Printer Back Online

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Steps To Get Your Printer Back Online

Printers are a wonderful invention. When they do their job, they are indispensable for a modern office or business and are very useful in the home where there is never a shortage of documents to print.

Let’s see what the printer shows an offline message that Windows shows you mean and, above all, how to get the printer back to work properly.

What Does Offline Printer Mean?

The printer offline error message means that your system cannot communicate with the printer. my printer shows offline A printer can be offline (or offline, which is the same thing) when connected to the network via Wi-Fi.

An offline printer will not print any of the documents you send to print and will not respond to any of your orders. The reason is simple: the files will remain in your print queue but will not be able to reach the device that should transfer them to paper. Offline printers appear with a faded icon in the Windows Devices and Printers menu (accessible from Control Panel> Hardware and Sound).

Offline Printer: Recognized By The Faded Icon

The reasons why a printer can be offline and therefore unreachable are various, and the methods for bringing them back online are even more varied. We will examine the most common causes and suggest the most practical and quick solutions of Printer Back Online

Offline Printer: How To fix

There are some preliminary steps that you may want to try before embarking on longer and more complex procedures:

  • Check, depending on how your printer was configured, that the USB cable or the LAN network cable are correctly inserted, or that the printer correctly signals that it is connected to the WiFi network (all Wi-Fi printers do this via a display or a specific light. However, each model signals the successful connection differently. To understand how yours behaves, it is advisable to consult the manual of your model available both inside the package and on your manufacturer’s website).

Check that the offline printer on Windows is not paused. You can open the print queue, click on the Printer option at the top left and look for the checkbox next to Use printer offline. If it is enabled, disable it to resume printing.

Clear The Queue Of Print 

If the problem does not lie in the two trivial causes mentioned above, it is time to get to work. Read on to find out more solutions of Printer Back Online

If Your Printer Is Connected Via USB

Having verified that the cable is intact and correctly connected if your printer is no longer correctly recognized could be a driver problem. The driver is a program that tells the system how to behave with the new device and handle it. Without the correct driver, your system will not have the information it needs to make your printer work.

For this reason, the status could depend on a driver problem, and to solve it, you can try to reinstall them. It is not a difficult operation. First, you have to clean up the old drivers. Just a few steps are enough:

  • Connect the USB cable to the PC
  • Go to the Windows Control Panel and then to Programs and Features
  • Uninstall any programs that have the name of your printer manufacturer.

If Your Printer Was Connected To LAN Or WiFi

Suppose you have a networked printer that appears offline, first check that it continues to print from other PCs or devices connected to the network. For a company network, it is simple: ask a colleague to print a document from another location in the home. It is just as simple as using another PC connected to the same network.

In both cases, if printing happens, the problem lies in your workstation. Windows has a very effective procedure for automatically configuring a network printer. It is recommended that you use it.

It Only Takes A Few Steps:

  • Go to Control Panel, then to Hardware and Sound, and finally to Devices and Printers, find your offline network printer.
  • Right-click on it and choose remove device. The system will ask you to confirm.
  • Still, in Devices and Printers, click on the Add Printer item.
  • The search for your network printer will start; select it to start the automatic configuration once it has been identified.

Despite all the technological advances, printer and computer problems are still common. There is nothing worse than being notified that your printer is offline by someone you work for.

This blog post will explain why an offline printer might be faulty and what you can do to fix it.

Your printer may be showing an offline message if it is having trouble communicating with your computer. This could be due to connectivity issues or a problem with the Printer Back Online. There are many things you can do in order to identify the problem.



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