Why does My HP Printer keep going offline?

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hp printer offline

When you attempt to print an important document, a notice displays warning you of the “HP printer offline” problem. Have you ever had a similar experience? What does this term mean? More significantly, how do you tackle this problem?

This surprisingly frequent problem occurs with numerous linked printers and is simply remedied with a few actions. With these easy methods, you can easily get your printer running again.

What does it imply if you face an HP printer offline?

It might be aggravating to receive this error notice. This does not, however, suggest that your printer is defective. An offline printer is unable to interact with the device that sent the print job.

Because an offline printer cannot accept or process new print jobs, it is preferable to suspend all print jobs until the issue is rectified. No more print jobs should be assigned to the offline printer until you’ve finished the troubleshooting process. You may need to cancel any print jobs that are in the printer queue until you can reconnect to the internet. Just remember to save your work so you may print it later.

Some of the possible causes include:

  • Outdated drivers
  • Problems with connections
  • A configuration error

Each of these causes has a unique resolution procedure. Let us peek into what’s causing the HP printer offline issue and how we can get back online and print.

How to resolve the HP printer keep going offline issue

These instructions will fix several issues. If your concern has been resolved, you are not required to execute all of the processes. However, it is preferable to do them in this order because the simplest repairs are listed first and require the least amount of effort and technical skill.

Option 1: Launch the HP Print and Scan Doctor.

  1. To discover and resolve issues, use the HP Print and Scan Doctor program.
  2. Launch the HPPSdr.exe application by double-clicking it from the download location and allowing it to execute. To achieve this, you may need to be in administrator mode.
  3. If prompted, select yes to trust the file source because it is straight from the HP technical support team.
  4. Select your printer by clicking Start.
  5. If your printer is not displayed, restart it and then select Retry in the Print and Scan Doctor program.
  6. The application will identify any potential connectivity issues. When prompted to enable printer updates, follow the procedures and click yes.
  7. Follow the directions and then click yes, if you are prompted to make this printer your default printer.

Were these instructions helpful to you? When the status of your printer switches from “offline” to “online,” you’ll know it worked. If not, go to the next level.

Option 2: Make the printer your default printer.

You may need to manually choose your default printer. Follow these instructions to resolve the HP printer offline issue with Windows 10. Make sure you have downloaded and installed all of the Windows 10 operating system updates before you continue.

Users of Windows 10

  1. Type Devices into the search bar or ask Cortana to open them.
  2. Choose Printers and Scanners
  3. Uncheck the box next to “Allow Windows to manage my default printer.” If required, click the box to deselect it.
  4. Select your printer from the list.
  5. If your printer is mentioned more than once, choose the version that shows an idle or online state.
  6. Select Manage.
  7. Select Set as default.

Option 3: Check the status of your printer port and Windows services.

The next step in troubleshooting offline printer problems is to determine whether your printer has a WSD port.

  1. To find out, search for Control Panel in Windows or ask Cortana for it, then choose “View devices and printers.”
  2. After that, right-click your printer and choose Printer Properties.
  3. Navigate to the Ports tab and check to see whether your printer has a WSD port.

If it does, proceed as follows (but skip this part if it does not).

  1. In Windows, search for Services or ask Cortana.
  2. Scroll down to discover Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication.
  3. Take a look at the Start-up type and Status columns.
  4. Proceed to the following step if they are operating and the starting type is automated.
  5. If they are empty with a manual start-up type, right-click the name and choose Properties.
  6. Set the starting type to automatic.
  7. Then, under the service status, select Start and then OK.

Return to the Devices and Printers pane and press F5.

  1. Check the status of your printer by clicking on its name.

If it’s available online, your problem is solved. Print a network configuration report if the printer is still down. You may accomplish this by going to your printer’s Settings or Wireless menu.

  1. Right-click your printer’s name, select Printer Properties, and then select the Ports tab.
  2. Click Add Port.
  3. Select Standard TCP/IP Port and then press New Port.
  4. Use the previously run network configuration report to add a new port – a hostname is ideal.
  5. Return to the Devices and Printers window and press the F5 key.
  6. Check the status of your printer by clicking it.

Is it available online? You’re ready to go! Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Option 4 – Verify your internet connection

There might be a variety of reasons why your HP printer keeps going offline, depending on how it is linked to your device. If you connect using a USB cord, be sure it is firmly in place. The problem persists, try an alternative USB cord.

If you connect to your printer through a wireless network, proceed as follows:

  1. Restart your printer by turning it off, waiting 10 seconds, then unplugging the power cord.
  2. Finally, shut off your computer.
  3. Reconnect the printer’s power cord and restart the printer.
  4. Unplug your wireless router’s power supply.
  5. Be patient for 10 seconds before reconnecting.
  6. It may take a few moments for your internet to reconnect.
  7. When it does, turn on your computer.
  8. Connect your printer to your network using the HP wireless setup wizard or the HP Smart software.
  9. Print a wireless report to check whether any connectivity difficulties remain.
  10. Look for this report in your printer’s Network settings or Wireless menu.

If the problem persists, it may be the responsibility of your router manufacturer or network administrator. Beyond these procedures, connection difficulties might be difficult to diagnose, so contact a computer expert if you still can’t connect to your printer.


The “HP Printer offline” issue is a regular one that makes people tired. We’ve assembled a team of experts who can handle the situation. Some printer owners have encountered this problem at least once. Any printer user who encounters this problem should follow the actions outlined above until the problem is resolved. You’ll be printing again in no time, maybe without the hassles or costs of printer maintenance.

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