About Buran Ghati Trek and its Itinerary

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buran ghati trek

Assuming you are a keen fan of adventure, we have devised the most daring camp for you, namely the Buran Ghati trek (15,000 Ft. Elevation and 26 Km Distance). It is something that is particularly cherished by brave or journey-loving individuals. The Buran Ghati adventure is full of enthusiasm, thrill, experience, breathtaking sights, and more. The entire Buran Ghati travel package is fantastic. The magnificent perspective of Dayara’s glades can be seen. For what it’s worth, you’ll see snow-covered mountains. From the objective, you can find a variety of diverse scenes.

The Buran Ghati excursion, located at a height of 15,000 feet in Himachal Pradesh, is undoubtedly the nicest trip in the state. The journey is about 25-30 kilometres long and takes place in the Greater Himalayas district. The trip’s expedition begins in Janglik and concludes in Barua. The finest part is when an individual ascends to the top of Buran Ghati and then begins rappelling down on the opposite side. It is the most thrilling experience imaginable. Snow may be observed all over the place due to its height.

The Buran Ghati trek, located at an elevation of 15,000 feet in Himachal Pradesh, is perhaps the best trip in the state. The excursion is around 25-30 kilometres long and takes place in the Greater Himalayas. The trip’s expedition begins in Janglik and concludes in Barua. The finest part is when an individual ascends to the top of Buran Ghati and then begins rappelling down on the opposite side.

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It is the most thrilling experience imaginable. Snow may be observed everywhere due to its height. The two villages you should pass through (Janglik and Barua) are well planned. The state’s far-reaching society is visible across the towns. Views of the Dhauladhar range, as well as a blaze of numerous other tops in the area, can be seen from the summit. The magnificent view of Kinner-Kailash peak from the summit is worth seeing. We are familiar with the area and can provide the best Buran Ghati travel package.

Day 1:

Welcome to Shimla, one of Himachal Pradesh’s most popular cities. Because the Buran Ghati hike begins in Janglik, you will need to take a taxi from Shimla to Janglik.

Buses and private taxis run frequently along the route. To get to your location, you can alternatively take shared taxis or local government buses. The excursion takes 5 hours in total, with a dramatic ascent from 7,467 to 9200 feet.

Meet our agent and check into the hotel once you arrive at Janglik base camp.

You are free to walk about and investigate the area if you so desire. However, it is recommended that you return before the evening.

We’ll have a musical bonfire built up specifically for you to add to the excitement. After dinner, relax by the fire and have a good night’s sleep.

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Day 2:

Greetings, fellow hikers. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable trek to the Buran Ghati pass. Enjoy your breakfast before heading outside to meet the hike leader.

The first section of the trail passes through lush woodlands and wheat fields. In the background, you might notice various wooden farmhouses. Here, the jungle pathways are fascinating. We are convinced that you will find it beneficial.

You will transcend the tree line and join the broad meadows after 50 minutes on the trail. All you can see from here are acres and fields of gorgeous green meadows.

The trail dips into a dense Pine and Oak woodland in the final couple of hours to Dayara Thatch.

Continue walking while taking short rest breaks along the way.

As the climb ascends, the trail will emerge from the trees once more, bringing you to the huge grounds of Dayara Thatch.

The nicest part about this location is that there will be no trees to block your view. It’ll just be you, the fields, and the mountains in the distance. Isn’t it incredible?

Enjoy your hot dinner, sing a little with your pals, and have a nice night’s sleep.

Day 3

Start your day with a nice breakfast, then pack your belongings and head to Litham. The beginning walk will take you through several deep woodlands before continuing up and down to a river point.

Continue exploring the lovely green meadows and magnificent mountain vistas while trekking through.
The walk hits the Silver Birch woods area after 40 minutes and then progressively drops. After a while, you’ll see the first glimpse of Litham. However, the track would again dip to Chandranahan creek after that.

Aside from the ups and downs, the magnificent landscape of meadows and blooming flowers will undoubtedly appeal to you. We’re not going to the lake today, so find a flat location to pitch our tents.
After pitching, take a stroll through the nearby fields. Eat your dinner and get a nice night’s sleep.

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Day 4

A tranquil morning awaits you when you wake up. The area where we are set up is always completely silent, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast in peace.

You should be ecstatic. We’re going on a short hike to the enchanting Chandranahan Lake today (Also sometimes misspelt as chandernahan lake). Even though the route is short, it will need work due to the numerous rocks and boulders. You will also find the trail to be highly adventurous!

The Chandranahan is a series of seven tiny glacial tarn lakes. Spending time alongside this lake is a memorable experience. Take in the peace with your friends and make as many memories as you can.
It’s time to get back after spending some time at the lake. Begin your journey back to the campsite with your party.

Enjoy your meal and spend a relaxing night under the stars.

Day 5

Good day, trekkers. Today we will trek to Dhundha, which is yet another fantastic campground. De-clutter, pack your luggage, and prepare your breakfast.

The walk begins on a well-marked shepherds’ track that leads to the pass. After a short distance, you will reach the Dhundha ridge, from which you can see the magnificent Buran Ghati.

The Dhundha campground is flanked on two sides by snow-capped mountains and in the centre by meadows. This location is one of the greatest for spending the night. You will be astounded to see such a beautiful piece of property.

After setting up your tent, eat your food, and call it a day.

Day 6

Today will be the longest day of the year. So get up early, get your breakfast, and get ready to embark on this incredible adventure. The walk will last approximately 10 to 11 hours.

After traversing the boulders on the way to the pass, the trail begins. This part normally takes an hour to climb. It is, nonetheless, worthwhile. When you reach the summit and gaze around, the view will take your breath away.

Another thrilling pastime is the drop from the top. You can’t just walk like that because you’ve dropped over 3000 feet. As a result, we need a rope to help us descend.

Our experienced guides will assist you in descending. It is, nevertheless, a unique experience.

After you’ve descended from the peak, continue for another hour to find a stream. When you cross this stream, you’ll see various farmers’ huts.

For today, that will be your campsite. Set up your tents and enjoy your meal. If you want to have some fun after dinner, you can play some games. After that, call it a day.

Day 7

Today is the last day of the journey. Live your life to the fullest. Prepare yourself and your breakfast after waking up.

We will go to Barua today. As we previously stated, every day on our trek is a surprise, and today will be no exception.

You begin by walking along a well-marked track before gradually descending towards Barua settlement.

The Barua village is also recognised for its diverse and varied vegetation.

On your way back, take in the apple and other fruit orchards. You will be able to see the road from which you will drive down to Shimla after only a few hours of captivating trekking.

Take a shared cab back to your hotel. The drive will be interesting enough to keep you entertained throughout.

Day 8

This is a trek buffer day that can be used on any day of the trip depending on the itinerary. This is decided by the group in a unanimous decision at an additional cost to be paid on the spot.



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