Suitcases and Sippy Cups

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suitcases and sippy cups

A vacation with a baby can be fun, but it can also be stressful if you’re unprepared. Before you start packing all of your baby’s clothes and toys, make sure you have these two things: suitcases and sippy cups.

Suitcases and sippy cups are the two most important baby supplies when travelling with a baby because they’ll both keep your child happy while out in public, especially on long flights or car rides.


Things you need, When you are travelling?

Making sure that you’ve packed everything you’ll need when travelling is essential. If you have a baby, the amount of necessities changes but it’s still important to know what will make your trip easier!

Be sure to bring,

  • Suitcases and sippy cups that are easy to carry
  • Car seats that are FAA approved
  • Some diapers
  • At least 3-4 onesies per day
  • Five sippy cups in case one breaks or gets lost
  • Three water bottles so if one spills it doesn’t ruin everything else
  • As well as snacks like crackers and granola bars

The most important thing though is knowing what might happen. It’s best to think about all the possibilities so there are no surprises on the day of travel!

For example:
  • Pack two changes of clothes just in case they get wet because of something spilled. Keep a close eye on your liquids bag so it doesn’t leak onto anything else in the suitcase and be mindful of where you place the car seat so it doesn’t scratch up any surfaces in the airport.

Suitcases and sippy cups – Embracing Different Perspectives

When someone chooses to have a baby, they are not just adding a family member. They are also accepting the responsibility of caring for their child, who is entirely dependent on them. This makes life incredibly difficult and different, but it is worth the effort to see the rewards when the baby finally reaches his/her childhood years.

However, taking care of a child involves more than staying up late at night to help soothe your child through long nights. You must be aware of how you can plan to ensure that your child is getting what they need throughout all periods of life. With this in mind, I hope my post will serve as advice for those looking to travel with their children or pregnant women who may be looking into future preparation!

suitcases and sippy cups V2 copy

A basic suitcase comes with a few essential items like clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, and some toys. But if you are planning to travel with a baby you should take some baby stuff like suitcases and sippy cups because the last thing you want is for your son or daughter to start crying. After all, they’re hungry. Or perhaps their diaper has become too wet because there were no spare ones in sight – this can happen if only one adult was prepared enough to pack spares!

So don’t forget these two important items while packing; if not then it could result in disaster!

Suitcases and sippy cups – “What others think?” vs “What is best for you?”

Many thoughts come to your mind when it comes to what is essential for travelling with a baby. Some people will tell you to pack diapers, wipes, an extra change of clothes, bottles, etc. Others say you should travel light because babies can be just as happy in new surroundings without these items.

While both have merits and would work for some people in certain situations, there are other considerations. If you’re on a long flight or drive or need access to supplies while out and about, packing diapers may not be the best idea. But if your destination does not have Western-style toilets (like China), then taking along supplies for changing your baby might be the better choice.

For example, if you’re going on a beach vacation where there’s no way to wash up, bringing wipes will come in handy!

On the other hand, if you plan on staying at home for most of your trip and want to keep things simple and easy-going, then opting for less stuff might be ideal. Either way – don’t forget suitcases and sippy cups!

suitcases and sippy cups


Things to be mindful of when travelling with baby via Flight, Bus, or Car

  • Look into the airline’s rules on travelling with infants. Some require you to buy an extra seat or purchase an infant fare. Check to see if your diaper bag can fit in the carry-on luggage compartment or if it will count as your item.
  • Check also about restrictions on liquid and food items before going through security checks.
  • Pack clothes that match each other, shoes, socks, one outfit of more formal clothes, and blankets or sleep sacks (even in summer) and forget baby suitcases and sippy cups.
  • Pack diapers in your carry-on luggage so you’ll have access to them right away when you need them at the airport; this will also save space in your diaper bag.
  • Bring clothes for layering too since babies often get cold easily even if it is hot outside.
  • Bring two changes of clothes for your baby and use disposable changing pads whenever possible to avoid carrying dirty sheets from home.
  • Carry toys and books to keep the baby entertained during any flight delays.
  • Most countries don’t allow visitors without proper documentation, so it’s important not to forget this!