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The Pros and Cons of Renting an RV

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renting an RV

Did you know that the recreational vehicle market in North America was worth $25 billion last year — with north of 600,000 units sold?

According to Global Market Insights, growth in the RV space is due to the popularity of outdoor recreation like sports, camping, and tourism activities.

But while some families purchase their RVs, others choose to rent them instead.

Are you interested in potentially renting one but want to consider the pros and cons of renting rather than buying outright? Continue reading to find out whether or not renting an RV is right for your family.

Pro: Lower Expense

One reason to rent an RV is that you’ll save money. Do you want to travel to a national park in another state? Renting an RV will save you money — especially if you don’t have to fly, rent a hotel room, and buy all your meals.

Deciding to buy an RV outright can be cost-prohibitive. So, it’ll be easier on your wallet if you can rent an RV for as long as you need it.

Con: Rental Fees Can Add Up

Renting is indeed cheaper than buying. But that doesn’t mean rental costs can’t add up to a small fortune if you’re not careful. You’ll likely be paying by the night. So, if your trip will last a couple of weeks, the final bill might shock you.

If you’ll be going on a relatively long trip, see if you can get a special rate from the vendor rather than have to pay a daily rate.

Pro: You Won’t Have to Store Anything

Another reason to rent a RV is that you won’t have to keep it on your property. A large RV is great if you’re cruising down the open road. But it’ll be an eyesore when it’s parked on your property.

Whether you don’t want it taking up space or you don’t have the space, you won’t have to worry about storing an RV if you rent one rather than buy one.

Con: It’s Not Really Yours

Going the RV rental route can be convenient. But if you’re the sort of consumer who likes to own what you use, renting an RV might feel awkward.

When you need to rent one, you’ll have to go to a dealer, look at RV options, hope they have something you want, and book one.

What if the types of RVs you want aren’t in stock when you need one? That can become frustrating.

Pro: You Can Test Them Out Before Buying One

Another reason it makes sense to go to a rental RV business is that you can try out one or two models to see if you like RVing and what RV would be best for your family.

Renting beforehand will be cheaper than buying and then perhaps finding out that you don’t like the model you bought. By renting first, you can test them out before deciding what you want to buy.

Is Renting an RV For You?

After considering some of the pros and cons, you’ll want to ask yourself if renting an RV is the right move for you and your family.

RVing is growing in popularity. Whether you rent or buy is up to you, but options are always good news for consumers who want to get the most for their hard-earned dollars.

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Tuesday, 03th October 2023
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