Unique Things to Do in Montreal

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unique things to do in montreal

Rich in color and history, Montreal is an incredible city to explore from every angle. This trendy Quebec city is home to some of the best street art in the world. There are cafes on every corner. But all this has its historical roots and glorified diversity. And while there is plenty to see and do, I recommend at least 2 days in Montreal for first-time visitors.

Are you looking for a weekend getaway from Toronto or a mid-week getaway? So don’t be late at all. Book your flights to Montreal early and make the most of these places. This 48-hour Montreal itinerary will take you to top attractions and the best places to explore. And for first-time visitors, this route is ideal! Whether you love exploring hipster cafes and hunting for street art or learning about the history and backstory of a place, then Montreal is your city!

Unique Things to Do in Montreal:-

Notre Dame Basilica

One of my favorite places in Montreal is Notre Dame Basilica. It gave me that charming and overwhelming feeling that few places I have visited, such as Notre Dame in Paris and Meteora in Greece, have. As you climb the imposing stone staircase and enter the grandiose interior of the basilica, you will be breathless. Yes, Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal is breathtaking!

Nestled in the heart of Old Montreal, Notre Dame Basilica was built in 1829 and radiates grandeur everywhere. Its bell can be heard at a distance of up to 25 kilometers. His massive organ stands at the center of the stage and has 7,000 individual pipes. And fourteen stained glass windows from Limoges, France. But for me, the highlight is the magical vaulted ceiling with 24-carat gold stars set against a rich blue night sky.

There are endless reasons why Notre Dame Basilica is Montreal’s most popular attraction. For all the reasons I mentioned above, and also because there is an incredible light show going on inside. Aura Light Show is an incredible and enchanting experience that brings interiors to life, from paintings to the ceiling, through light, sound, and movement.

Hunt Street Art

The main reason I wanted to go to Montreal was because of the street art! And boy, I was not disappointed. To be honest, you don’t need to hunt him too hard because he’s all over the place. It’s in every neighborhood from Old Montreal to Chinatown and on to Griffintown. Montreal truly loves its creatives. There are even two street art festivals that help bring the city to life with color and art: Mural Festival and Under Pressure.

But the best area for street art in Montreal is the Mont-Royal Plateau. Many of the city’s big, iconic pieces, such as the Graffiti Granny, the Jackie Robinson mural, and the crazy, happy-faced Mona Lisa.

Redpath Museum

Montreal has several amazing museums, one of which is the Redpath Museum. The Redpath Museum, located on the picturesque campus of McGill University, should be on your list of things to do in Montreal. This beautiful natural history museum was built in 1882 and not only has an incredible collection including ancient Egyptian mummies, large-scale dinosaur skeletons, and interesting local exhibits, but also its interior.

If you are looking for something you could do on a rainy day or something you could do in Montreal (yes, the museum is free, but the gift is welcome), then you should add a visit to the Redpath Montreal Museum to your 2 days in town. . Route around Montreal.

Other great museums to visit if you are planning to spend more than two days in Montreal are the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Archeology and History.


Montreal was named after Mont-Royal, once a small mountain of volcanic origin to the west of the city center. Mont-Royal is part of the Monteregion Hills, which are located between the Appalachian Mountains and the Laurentian Mountains. And while there’s a lot to do around Mont-Royal, from museums to hiking trails, if you’re in Montreal for two days, there are a couple of things you should definitely do.

The first is to climb over 500 wooden stairs that will take you past small lookouts, a tiny waterfall, and finally up to the incredible main lookout at the top. Don’t worry, the climb will only take you about 30 minutes. (The stairs start at the end of Peel Street and at the corner of Pine Avenue.)

Stroll along the Mont-Royal Plateau

The Mont-Royal Plateau is one of my favorite places in Montreal. The Mont-Royal Plateau area of Montreal is located northwest of the city center and the main street is Saint Laurent Boulevard. This colorful, trendy, and eccentric area is full of life, street art, cafes, and trendy boutiques. Statistics Canada has even listed the Mont-Royal Plateau as the home of the largest number of creative people in Canada. Now, this sounds like my place!

On the Mont-Royal Plateau, you will also find charming and colorful Victorian houses in Place Saint-Louis. You’ll also find Schwartz’s Deli here, famous for its Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. And another one of my favorite stops in the area is La Fontaine Park. This sprawling 34-hectare city park is an oasis in the city with a river running through it, winding footpaths, history, and a venue for concerts and festivals throughout the year.



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