how to open ekart logistics franchise?

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how to open ekart logistcs franchise

YHow to open ekart logistics franchise? Step by step complete guide

Find the complete guide to Ekart Logistics Franchise and application process. Learn the idea of investment and profit – how do I apply online. EKART is the largest logistic and supply chain firm that ships 10 million packages each month, and more than 3800 pin codes. The headquarters of the company, located in Bangalore is located in Karnataka and operates under the name Flipkart Pvt. Ltd it is an affiliate from Flipkart Pvt. Ltd. that operates at the largest scale within India today. They can offer a one-day delivery service. If you’re passionate about delivery in India, this could be an opportunity to make money from a franchising opportunity. Today in this blog post, we will help you learn on how to set up a courier businesses and obtain Ekart Logistics Franchise in your local area.

Ekart Logistics Franchise Service 

Each day, more and more people are shifting to online shopping, delivery via the internet of documents, sharing them online, ordering food, etc. using a courier services. Ekart Logistics Franchise Service is among the most reputed logistics companies in India with pickup facilities and delivery express.

India’s most renowned Supply chain and logistics company. They began operations in 2009, as Flipkart’s internal department for supply chain.

Table of Contents

What is Logistic Franchise ?

You could start your own transport business; however, you will need Govt permission for incorporation. On another hand, you can operate a logistic business within an existing logistics company. Here you don’t require complicated documents from the Govt side, but you will need the approval of the logistics partner. We want to remind that every company has its own regulations and conditions. When you purchase the franchise, you must to follow their rules and conditions. Before setting up a logistic company, you must know about supply chain? and the reasons why managing logistics is important.

Who is eligible to apply for the Ekart Logistics franchise?

Anyone who is an Indian citizen is eligible to submit an application to become an Ekart franchise. There is no particular requirement for skills or education. However, should you be aware of logistics and the main tasks it can help to run your business.A franchisee must hire people who are ready to take on any delivery-related trouble. Hard work and a consistent effort can bring success to any business.

Why is Ekart searching for new Franchise Partners ?

If a company is looking to increase their offerings, franchise programs is the best method to connect with customers. India is a vast nation and the total amount of pin codes as per the most reliable information is 19400. Ekart is unable to provide all of these pin codes by opening a franchise. Therefore, every day new franchise partners join is possible through signing up to the Ekart distribution network.

Ekart delivery business benefits

  • Fast courier service
  • India’s top-ranked and reputable logistic company.
  • They offer 24/7 customer support.
  • One day delivery is feasible
  • A good business plan and a high return
  • Experts offer instruction in the practical
  • The latest technology in tracking and tracking parcel delivery.

What does Ekart Courier Franchise Cost ?

The most essential aspect of any company is Investment. Without having a complete understanding of business expenses, you are unable to begin the franchise. People frequently ask: What is the exact Ekart franchise opening price? If you are near an Ekart hubs that are currently operating the business, you can speak with them. But if you’re looking to know the typical cost of a courier franchise, it is anywhere from 50 to 1 Lakh. Here too, the price isn’t accurate because there are a lot of other expenses that you will need to cover when running a Ekart logistics franchise. These include:

  • Land cost: If you own your own office or business space, you can reduce the land purchase cost. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay rent each year or every month to the land owner.
  • Manpower: The second expense is when you hire staff to your business. You have to pay them monthly or daily. It ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 for each item (Monthly).
  • Vehicle cost: This is one time cost to run logistic business. However, there may be vehicle maintenance cost.
  • Godown: You store packages at your business place. But when you have more products in stock, you must increase the Godown size. Thus, the extra cash involved in the go down’s expansion.

How do you choose a Franchise Location ?

Select the right business location to be successful. Yes, your choice of the wrong place could result in the destruction of any franchising dream. Courier or transport businesses are ideal if you are located near an important road. You can quickly load or unload items from trucks.It helps to reduce the carrying cost. The space should be big enough to allow for storage of packages in large quantities.

Minimum space requirement

In the logistics industry, more space is the main advantage. You could park all your vehicle, unload items quickly, and large quantities of goods can be easily managed. Now, it does not mean that you cannot start your business from a moderate place. If you are able to afford a minimum of 300 square feet or 500 square feet, you are eligible to begin Ekart Logistics Franchise. Later you can grow and expand your company.

The necessary accessories required in order to operate Ekart Logistic Franchise

Every business has its particular accessories list. Without these essentials, it is impossible to manage your business. For couriers, there are the essential items that you must purchase. These include :

  • Packaging tape: The tape is utilized to seal the product and packaging. It is required in this industry.
  • Computers: While you conduct business, you should update the deliver status with the more senior authority. You could use a laptops or desktop computers.
  • High-speed internet connection: Good internet connectivity is essential to transmit data.
  • Scanner/printer/Bar code reader
  • Shipping label: For specific products recolonization and handling safety warning

Franchise Agreement

The terms and conditions of franchise agreements are a crucial part of every business. Before signing the contract, you must be sure to read the entire conditions and conditions. Once you sign the franchise agreement forms and sign it, you must comply with company rules. As you are aware, a business agreement is only an initial lock-in period. This duration varies from between companies. company. For Ekart the typical franchise agreement spans 4 and five years. Once the agreement has ended, you may renew or cease the business.

List of documents needed for Franchise Approval

Documents must be submitted to verification. These documents must be authentic and correspond to your profile. Below you will get an idea of some basic documents:

ID Proof

Pan card – It is mandatory start any business. It is your Permanent Account Number; you can apply for new PAN card online. Visit official website of PAN India and register.

Address Proof

Aadhaar card and voter card are also required to give Aadhaar card information to enable address verification. You might need to present another document, such as an electricity bill, ration card.

  • Details of the bank account, including recent transactions
  • GST number – You can apply for GST online from
  • Legal property documents. If you intend to conduct business on someone’s property, you must submit the original land title papers of the owner.
  • NOC – No Objection Certificate

How do I submit an Ekart Logistics Franchise application?

A majority of logistic franchise companies offer both offline and online franchise application method. Ekart has no open request forms for franchises available on its website. They are extremely strict and only select skilled people to ensure smooth business. So you have to figure out what is the best way to apply to their dealership? We have found some details on the web. Depending on this, you could go to their regional office or send an email to them. You will find the complete address in the end of the article. We don’t have much information about the online application process, but you can download the Ekart’s franchise guide from the internet for complete information.

What is the Ekart delivery’s margin of profit for business ?

The profit margin is contingent on the size, category and product price. Therefore, it’s hard to give you an precise shipping commission. But the company is highly profitable, according to the franchise owner. If you can earn even a tiny percentage of Ekart’s revenue, it will be truly surprising. They deliver millions of packages each month using their delivery partners.

What is the process by which Ekart manages its business together in conjunction with their partner?

Like all other major logistic companies, Ekart operates their business in the same way. They offer dealership to eligible franchise applicant after verifying the location. For an example, if someone place an order under your pin-code. You have the maximum possibility to get the shipment delivery job. This way the divide regional areas dividing pin-code. However, they may change the route for any special reason. 

Other Franchise Requirements

What kind of car will I need?

It is possible to run a business using four wheeler or two wheeler to transport heavy objects for delivery. Any vehicles in good condition are suitable to make parcel delivery. It ideal to use vehicles between 2 and four years old. old. Make sure to load the products according to your vehicle’s capacity in order to avoid harm to your product.

Which drivers will I require to be able to deliver packages ?

There are no exact numbers. In the beginning, you could employ 1 or 2 drivers to handle delivery of packages. delivery. Later when you’ve got a large volumes of parcels, you can employ more drivers on a an annual basis for compensation.

Do I have to create a driver training program?

It is highly recommended that you employ drivers that are trained and possess prior experience driving.

Do cars have to be brand-named?

There is no limit to old brand. You can choose any truck or brand to deliver.

Do I need to purchase special equipment to deliver my message ?

Generally, you don’t require any special equipment. However, you can buy some devices like POS device, real time location finder for tracking your driver.

Are drivers employees or independent contractors ?

Here, you are able to pay drivers with two ways.

  • Payment for each delivery Drivers are paid on a every day basis. The amount is determined by the number of parcels that were delivered.
  • Monthly fixed salary Driver pays at the end of each month.

Are uniforms mandatory for drivers of delivery services?

The uniform isn’t required for the business. But ekart provides uniform for recognition of the brand. The uniforms can be used whenever your delivery driver is out to deliver.

How many of my deliveries can I do every day?

There are no limitations. The more of your shipments you send, you receive more commission.

Who can offer training?

Ekart team offers all the support and education needed following a the successful business setup. 

Related FAQs Ekart Logistics Franchise

Is ekart franchise profitable?

No matter if you opt for Ekart delivery franchises or any other logistics company franchise, the success of your business is dependent on the franchise management. If you are talking about Ekart, there is no doubt that the company has a profitable profits margin. Now should you be able to send more parcels to your customers on time, your earnings can increase high. This business is extremely profitable and requires little investments.

How can I apply for franchise from Flipkart ?

Ekart is an integrated logistics chain that is part of Flipkart.It means that when you make an order on Flipkart, your order will be delivered through Ekart. Here it explains the fact that Flipkart delivery franchise refers to Ekart courier franchise. Therefore should you be interested in joining the Flipkart logistics franchise, you must submit an application the Ekart Franchise.

How can I get a delivery franchise?

Delivery business means you want to start courier or logistic business. Now when it comes to delivery business, there are so many top delivery companies in India and abroad. For taking their franchise you need to apply for their franchise. Generally, you can request franchise from company’s official website. Some of the popular courier companies in India are Bluedart, DTDC,FedEx,DHL,Ekart and more.

Is Ekart Owned by Flipkart ?

Yes, it is owned and managed by the Flipkart its parent company. All logistics operations are managed by Flipkart.

Where can I find an ekart logistics franchises near me ?

While Ekart’s official website ( but they didn’t have franchise locator service. You cannot locate a nearby Ekart franchises using pin code.However,you might be able to locate using Google maps. We aren’t certain you’ll get the precise information, but it can help greatly. lot. There an alternative method that is Flipkart customer service team. You can contact them to request location and the address.

Can I Download Ekart franchise application form?

Ekart doesn’t have a franchise application form that is downloadable form. Therefore, you do not have an choice for downloading the form. You have to contact them by email or visit their the regional office address.

How do I contact Ekart Logistics?

You can reach the ekart support via the toll-free 1-800-420-1111 . You can find out more on logistic franchises, or any delivery problem.

Is Ekart part of Flipkart ?

It is owned and managed by the Flipkart its parent company. All logistics operations are managed by Flipkart.

Where can I find an Ekart logistics franchises near me ?

Although Ekart’s official site ( ) however, they didn’t have franchise locator service. You are unable to locate the nearest Ekart franchises by using the pin code.However,you might be able to locate using Google maps. We aren’t sure whether you’ll receive exact details, but it will help greatly. lot. There is an alternative option which is Flipkart customer service team. You can contact them to inquire about location and address.

Can I Download Ekart franchise application form ?

Application form can not downloaded from Ekart . Therefore there is no choice for downloading the form. You are able to contact them by Email or by visiting their the regional office addresses.

How do I contact Ekart Logistics?

Contact the support by calling the toll-free the number: 1800 420 1111 . Here you can obtain information on logistic franchises, or any other delivery issues.

Head Office Address Brigade Manae Court,No.111, First Floor,Koramangala Industrial Layout,
Bangalore. PIN: 560 095.
Ekart Logistics Franchise Contact Number 1800 420 1111
Official Website


Flipkart is an Bangalore E-commerce business based in Bangalore, established by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in the year 2007. Both founders are graduates from IIT (Delhi) in Delhi and both worked for Amazon prior to starting their own venture. Similar to Amazon, Flipkart started with the selling of books on the internet. Later , the company expanded its product offerings to include fashion, electronics, lifestyle and more to its portfolio.

In August of 2018, American company Walmart acquired an 81 percent share of Flipkart paying US$16 billion. In this manner, Flipkart was valued at 20 billion dollars at the time. Through purchase of Flipkart, Walmart also got the brands such as Ekart logistics Myntra along with PhonePe.


Ekart logistic is an logistics and delivery division of Flipkart. Ekart was created in 2009 to tackle the challenges of delivery online. Thanks to Ekart, Flipkart could bring the concept of cash-on-delivery along with same day delivery into India. According to Ekart’s Ekart logistics website’s info, Ekart delivers one million parcels in a month, with 3800 pin codes.

Ekart is a key component of the success of Flipkart. Thanks to Ekart, Flipkart has better control over deliveries to customers and has cut down on delivery costs despite the constantly expanding range of products offered by Flipkart. In addition expanding Ekart by franchising was also a speedy and cost-effective option.


It’s no secret that there is a lot of desire for the Ekart franchise. This is particularly true for those who are looking to create something on their own. The reason behind this high demand is the inherent advantages that franchise model offers and the following advantages:

  1. Through Flipkart, the Flipkart Franchise, the buyer is able to join a well-known and reputable brand.
  2. Flipkart logistics franchises are easy to get started since the initial investment isn’t too high.
  3. Flipkart delivery franchises offer an impressive return on investment. Many people have heard that in a few months, investments are repaid.
  4. Flipkart offers online orders in large numbers, which means the Flipkart franchise has regular business, which means it can earn an ongoing earnings.
  5. The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, Flipkart is a significant participant in this sector and is expected to greatly benefit from it. The expansion of Flipkart will lead to the development of franchise business too.


Each franchise model with advantages and disadvantages also has its own drawbacks, which is why this franchise Ekart franchise model isn’t an one of them due to the following factors:

  1. Unfortunately, there isn’t official information on the franchise model available on the website of the company. So, anyone who is interested in acquiring this route Flipkart logistics franchise don’t know what to do.
  2. An Ekart franchisee’s responsibility is to distribute the Flipkart packages. Therefore, there is no chance to conduct business development within that region and make additional cash.
  3. An Flipkart delivery franchise can’t manage business development that results in complete dependence on Flipkart to deliver deliveries.
  4. A Flipkart logistics franchise can’t arrange for couriers to pick up parcels from walk-in customers. This means they don’t have the chance to earn extra income.
  5. If Flipkart is successful, the franchisee should do very well. However, if Flipkart is not performing well, the franchisee is likely to suffer.


The franchise extends the capabilities of an organization which is why it has a specific function to fulfill. Let’s look at the significance for an Ekart franchise.

  1. The first thing an Ekart logistics franchise has to do is set up an office that is equipped with the proper infrastructure and then recruit the delivery personnel. As time goes on the franchise must make sure that the company is conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the company.
  2. Flipkart franchise is required to send out the parcels that are part of its daily quota. Additionally, these deliveries are made all months during the whole year.
  3. Flipkart logistic franchise must collect the parcels that are returned to Flipkart customers. In addition, they have to collect parcels from Flipkart sellers.
  4. A Ekart franchise has to achieve its daily delivery goals. If a franchise fails to meet the requirements, it could divide the territory , and then appoint another franchise in the territory. Or, the company could choose to choose to nominate a brand new franchise.
  5. It’s no surprise it is essential that the Ekart logistics franchise must guarantee a high-quality customer service when delivery of the parcels.


Now let us look at the assistance from Ekart to franchisees of its

  1. The initial support offered by Ekart is with training for franchisees who are new to the company. The training for franchisees who are new will focus on the company’s business and delivery.
  2. Franchisees of Ekart also receive an app from the company, giving them total authority over the business they run.
  3. Ekart logistics franchises get various informational materials and presentations from the business. These initiatives allow franchisees to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry.
  4. The primary support provided by the Ekart to franchisees is providing minimum number of parcels, which results in constant income for franchisees. Ekart franchise.
  5. Numerous customer-friendly programs like Cash on Delivery (COD) and same day delivery can help boost order. So more business for franchisees.



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