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How To Become An Event Coordinator? 6 Things You Should Know

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Do you like organising parties and making sure everyone enjoys them? If you think this is the right career path you should take, then you should be an event coordinator! Event coordinators are known for making sure that everything goes well as planned on the day of the event.

However, aside from the tasks on the day of the event, event coordinators also take care of bookings, reservations, and decorations.

Most of the time, people get confused between event planners and coordinators. But as the terms suggest, event planners plan the event, while event coordinators execute the plan. Both of them make decisions but handle different stages of the event process.


So before you dive into a career change, make sure you know which one is your preference. Meanwhile, you can be both if you like to plan and coordinate things at the same time. Whatever your decision is, it’s best if you check the list below to learn more about the process of being an event coordinator!

1. Earn a bachelor’s degree

Do you like to work for a big event planning company? Most well-known event planning companies hire individuals who have bachelor’s degrees or have enough years of experience. But since you’re new to this field, it’s easier if you earn a degree.

Any bachelor’s degree relevant to event coordination can help you achieve your goal. Some of the specialisations you can take are marketing, management, and business. As long as the degree can help you manage and organise certain responsibilities, then you can use it to shift into being an event coordinator.

Once you earn a degree, you can now proceed to apply for internships or directly apply to an event planning company.

2. Apply for a job opening

As with any other job, venturing into the event coordination field is difficult. You’ll need to start at an entry-level job and work your way up. That way you’ll understand everything that happens in the field.

So for instance, you can start with the job as a catering coordinator. You might think food is easy to manage, but it’s more complicated. In reality, food coordination is one of the most crucial parts of event coordination since you’re looking out for the safety of the guests.

In addition, with just one mistake, your guests might end up with allergic reactions or food poisoning, so make sure you do everything right and look out for the details.


3. Attend training and seminars

Nowadays, there are many online training and seminars about being event coordinators. However, you should still try the real deal as there are tasks that you should do in an actual setting.

In addition, you can also volunteer to organise local events to give you training and an overview of what happens in actual events.

As for other training, you’ll need to pass exams so that you can level up. But if you have enough access to seminars regularly, then you’ll find it easier to take certification exams. The more you attend training and seminars, the higher the chance you’ll get to achieve the event coordinator position.

4. Know how to work with event planners

Aside from working your way to becoming one of the best event coordinators, you should also learn how to work with others. Not just with the event planners, but also with the vendors, designers, and venue owners.

To help you get started, you can volunteer as an assistant to event coordinators. They will train you to act as a professional and teach you how event coordination works. In addition, you’ll get to communicate with event planners just as you can do in the actual setting.

It’s best if you try to train in a professional setting compared to casual events so that you’ll get used to how things work.


5. Widen your network

As you train, you’ll be able to meet people from different businesses. It’ll give you time to get to know them and work with them. If they find you easy to work with, then you can build your network from there and get a chance to get deals of being partners.

When you have a wider network, you can easily get good deals and high-quality products and services you can use for your future transactions. Moreover, your customers will have a lot of choices when it comes to planning the events.

6. Organise events well

Once you’re starting your career as an event coordinator, you should always make sure that your clients are happy with every event you handle. As a beginner, or even when you’re already a professional, you shouldn’t make even the slightest mistake.

Usually, when people hire event planners and event coordinators, they’re hiring professional help to organise it for them. So as much as possible, give your best when organising an event.


Are you excited to take the next step to become one of the best event coordinators? Let us know if you have any other tips for organising events by leaving a comment below!



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