How is Noorani Qaida the First step of Quran Learning

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Noorani Qaida

Islam is the religion with the fastest-growing converts all over the world. Muslims believe in one God and Quran is the book that gives the message of Allah. Muslims must recite Quran and learn and understand its context. It is in the Arabic language that is not understandable by everyone in the world. So one needs to start learning step by step beginning from the alphabets. Non-Arabic ethnic groups make efforts to learn the words with the correct pronunciation. It is necessary to read Quran with proper pronunciation or Tajweed. For that matter, Noorani Qaida is introduced to the kids as their initial learning. Many adults also study Noorani Qaida to correct their pronunciation.

The first step of Learning:

If you are living in a Muslim country you may find many options to learn Quran. But if you are living in a non-Islamic country then choosing a learning center is difficult. But thanks to technology that with the virtual learning system everything can be online. Quran academies all over the world offer many courses of Islamic education including Noorani Qaida.  Muslims get their children to enroll with the Quran tutors that teach them the basic alphabets and their pronunciation. It is the most important step in learning the Quran. Learning Noorani Qaida will make a foundation for learning and understanding Arabic script. It is the first step of the ladder of learning the Quran. After successful completion of Qaida, the students can read words and verses of the Quran easily.  Then they can take other courses of Tafseer, translation, memorization, etc. according to their interest.

Noorani Qaida
Noorani Qaida

Emphasis on Alphabets

Whether you are learning Noorani Qaida online or face to face with the tutor, you must emphasize each alphabet. This requires constant effort. First, the students learn the recognition of alphabets and then their proper pronunciation. Students must practice each alphabet and memorize them so that it becomes easy to make words by joining alphabets. Noorani Qaida has all the pronunciation rules of recitation of the Quran.  Tutors emphasize its learning to have better recitation. You cannot read the Quran without first completing Noorani Qaida

Fundamental course

Noorani Qaida is the fundamental course before learning to read the Quran. It is a book for beginners as one cannot learn to read the Quran without completing Noorani Qaida.  The course of Noorani Qaida is very simple and covers all the basic rules of tajweed. Learners get the initial idea of how the words sound like. The syllabus is comprehensive enough to make the kids or adult beginners learn step by step without difficulty. There are exercises that tutors explain in a way that they comprehend in a very virtuous way. Noorani Qaida’s lessons have different sections that effectively explain each sign and symbol. The persistent use of signs and symbols is the best for better Quran learning.

Importance of Online class

By learning Online Noorani Qaida, students get the full attention of the tutor in a one-to-one session. It is not different than being present in the madrassah and facing the tutor directly. It is even better than that. You can see the content of the lesson online from anywhere in the world. Choose the best teacher that satisfies you or your kids in learning. Students from all over the world happily connect to online academies and learn from basic to advance courses. All you have to do is to connect with the help of mobile, tablet, or laptop with online academies. Expert tutors take regular online classes one to one and also in a group. Worldwide students take the benefits from online learning and become fluent in reading the Quran.

Noorani Qaida
Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida course for kids

We all know that learning is best in the early years. Kids tend to pick things more effectively and early than adults. They retain the ideas and learn quickly. Qaida lesson for kids is in a fun-loving and exciting atmosphere.  The learning activities are in a way that kids learn in a joyful mood do not lose interest. Skillful teachers at Quran academies involve kids in enjoyable methods to make their learning easy and interesting. Even a 5-years old kid can learn quickly and that gives him the confidence of learning the Quran. We believe that learning is better when the teacher and student relationship is friendly.

Benefits of Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is important for non-Arab natives who cannot pronounce Arabic words. So it is a must for them to learn the basic course. This course helps them to learn recognition of alphabets and their pronunciation in an Arabic accent. Students can learn the alphabet and small words with tajweed in detail so that they become fluent in reading the Quran.  if you are want to learn Quranic recitation, start with Qaida course.



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