How To Complete Electricity Bill Online Payment Quickly?

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With netbanking, digital payment platforms, e-wallets and more, making payments online today has become so easy and convenient. If that’s not all, there is enough encouragement from the central government to reduce dependency on currency notes for cash and instead, make more digital payments. That’s why paying utilities like electricity bill, gas, telephone, or internet is now increasingly being done online itself. 


If you are interested in eb online payment, this article will help you. Anyone can instantly make an online payment towards their current bill in just a few steps. You can either choose to make the payment directly through your provider’s official website, or you can make payments through reliable payment platforms.

Quick reference for the procedure to make online payment of electricity bill

Take a look at the basic steps below for eb online payment:

  • Visit your state’s electricity board website or open the payments app
  • For app payments, you will first need to select the relevant state electricity board and region, under Electricity payment
  • Enter your Consumer Number and password and click continue
  • You will then be able to view your current bill amount.
  • If you wish to view any past bills, you need to click on My Bills tab.
  • To proceed with the eb online payment, select the amount you wish to pay. This could be the bill amount of the last bill generate, the current outstanding amount (which includes amount incurred after bill generation till date) or any other amount. Once you select the amount, click on Proceed to Payment.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to choose your preferred model from credit card, debit card, UPI, or net banking. 
  • Select your payment method and provide the details for the same. Then click Make payment and verify the transaction to complete the process. 
  • To check the transaction history or any past payments, go to Payments History on the main page and you will be able to view details of all payments done so far, through the chosen online portal. 

Benefits of paying through payment platforms

There are several payment partners that allow making payments to multiple vendors and services through one platform. Do remember to choose reputed payment platforms that seem to offer maximum transparency, to ensure any data you provide remains secure with them. Here are a few benefits of using such platforms:

Instant payments – Once you link your bank account or card to the payment platform, every payment done through the app/website is instantaneous.

Notifications – You will be sent an SMS each time a transaction occurs, whether it was successful or not. You can also view transaction history within the app

Variety of vendors – There are a plethora of services that you can make payments for, through the payments app. And even more providers, for each of those services. So, for eb online payment, you will simply need to choose the state and the electricity board and you can make a quick payment.

Offers and Discounts – To make more payments through reliable payment platforms, the operators tend to offer excellent rewards such as cashback and discounts. For example, you could be making a current bill payment of INR 1000, but would earn a cashback of INR 50 for use in your next transaction. Essentially, you would have save those fifty bucks. 

Q&A about Electricity bill payment online

  1. Can I view my electricity bill online?

You can view your electricity bill online by visiting your provider’s official website and logging in with your Consumer Number. You can also choose a reputed payment platform and view your bill through their app or website. 

  1. Can I get receipts for eb online payment?

Get all receipts of any payments done by you online payment for the electricity bills. Under the Transaction History section, select the payment for which you want a receipt and click on Generate Receipt. You can then save the PDF file.

  1. Can I check my electricity bill status online?

You can check the status of the electricity bill online through payment partners, as well as through the state electricity board’s website. Once you log in with your Consumer Number, you will be shown the current bill outstanding amount and can also view the amount of the last generat bill. 

  1. I reside in Karnataka and my parents live in Kerala. I wish to pay both our electricity bills online. Is it possible?

You can easily make an eb online payment to Karnataka, Kerala, or several other states’ electricity boards. Although they can not be done randomly, one can certainly be done right after the other. You will need to complete the payment for the first bill first, and then proceed with the payment of the second one. 

Making eb online payment is extremely convenient and is often a choice for most people these days. Gone are the days of strenuous commute and long queues at the electricity boards.



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Wednesday, 06th July 2022
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