Three Things in Your House that can Attract Termite Infestation

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Three Things in Your House that can Attract Termites

Whether you are moving to a new home or have been living in the same for years, termite prevention is very much important. Most people hire professional pest control service providers for the termite control treatment. Because they use the right methods and treatments to remove termites. And not only this, but also they prevent future termite infestation.

Termites are known as the most destructive insects. They eat your wooden furniture and wooden floor, and can also cause structural damage. Termites are the biggest contributors to wooden furniture or items’ destruction. This is why it is important to prevent termite infestation. They live in groups in an abundant number and silently destroy your property.

Most homeowners notice termites when an infestation has already been established. If the infestation will not be treated at the right time then it can cost you a lot, because termites can not only damage your furniture but also cause severe structural damages. To prevent termite infestation, it’s important to know what things in your home can attract them. If you will take some precautionary measures then you can easily prevent termites.

Three things in your home are common that attracts termites: –

  1. Soil
  2. Water
  3. Wood


This is probably the most common thing that attracts termites. There are some types of termites that love soil as they build their colonies or nest in soil. They use soil to make a tunnel from their food source in your house to their colonies. These tunnels or tube systems are called galleries. These tunnels are extended up to several feet below the ground.


Just like any pests or insects termites also need water to survive. Also, they love moisture thus infest damp woods. Any leaky faucet, rainwater collected outside your home or on roof, water seepage on walls, or ground water provides favorable conditions for these parasites to breathe and grow.


Termites feed on cellulose. Since woods contain cellulose in abundance, woods are their favorite food. They can even smell woods easily so you will have to keep your expensive furniture far from their reach. Any furniture that is touching the ground or soil can easily be founded by termites. This is the reason why you see termites in your house. Well, apart from woods, termites like dead plants, hummus, dungs, and vegetables.

These are the things that attract termites. Try to take care of these things and always keep checking for termite infestation. We all know that prevention is the best cure. And this is actually true in the case of termite infestation. They are very hard to get rid of. Hence, you should not let them get established in your home. Check for early signs of termite infestation and get rid of them before the condition gets worse.

How to Get Rid of Termites?

Many home remedies and natural ingredients can be used to get rid of termites, but no remedies are as effective as hiring a professional for pest control services in Rohini, Delhi. So, if you want to kill termites or remove them permanently from your house, then hire professional exterminators in your area. Using the right chemicals, baits, and treatment, they can help you get rid of termite as well as prevent future termite infestation. But, if you are still looking for some natural remedies for termite control, then read the article till the end.

Here are a few natural remedies you can use to kill termites and remove them from your house.


Vinegar works just like magic for your home. From keeping your house neat and clean to keep the pests away from your kitchen counters and other places, vinegar does wonders for your home. Just add half a cup of vinegar with two lemons’ juice and your termite killer is ready. Spray it over the places where you have spotted termites or think they exist.


One of the best remedies to kill termites is exposure to sunlight. Termites don’t like sunlight, in fact, they would be killed if exposed too much to sunlight. So, if you have a piece of furniture that is infested by termites then keep it in direct sunlight and naturally kill termites.

Wet cardboard

Distract termites by keeping a stack of wet card boards in a safe corner. Termites love wet cardboard so they will get attracted to the cardboard and leave your valuables.


These are a type of worms that love to eat termites. So, you can use them to kill termites. These are available in specialty stores or you can order them online. This is an effective way to killing termites.


Try to always search for the signs of termite infestation especially if you have wooden flooring in your house. And also do pest control at regular intervals in your home calling the pest control professionals.

Author: Monali Swain



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