Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool – Step By Step Guide

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Exchange to Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based utility that offers users a secure cloud space and the handful of utilities of Microsoft. On the other side, using the Exchange is also provided by Microsoft. Contrarily, if users want to use the Exchange Server sustainably need to know about maintaining the server. This task can distract the mind of the business owners from the very important prospect of the business. To deal with this situation single-handedly, users like to look for something simple that couldn’t bite their time out. As a response to this, users look for Exchange to Office 365 migration and jump to the Office 365.

“Here in this article, we will cover an appropriate method to migrate Exchange to Office 365. Out of which one method would weave around the Exchange Admin Center, and the other includes Office 365 migration tool.”

Possible Reasons for Exchange to Office 365 Migration:

  • To use Exchange requires users to maintain a Server.
  • Exchange does not bring any utilities of Microsoft to the users’ table.
  • Users can’t log into the Exchange Server from anywhere like can be logged into Office 365.
  • The Office 365 services are so much flexible that users need to pay strictly as per the space or mailboxes.
  • The older versions of Exchange stop getting support, following this, users adopt Office 365 rather than update the server.


There can be other reasons for the users to switch to Office 365 along with the listed above. Whatsoever be the reason, let’s discuss the appropriate method to migrate Exchange to Office 365. And find out the suitable solution for this task.


The Microsoft’s Cutover Method:

Although there is a native method of Microsoft that lets users perform Exchange to Office 365 migration i:e Cutover method. But we will not talk about its procedure as it is a too complex method and requires users to strictly watch out for their steps. If users want to pursue the Cutover method can visit this link: MS Cutover Method for the in-detail procedure.

Note: If users are going through the cutover method for migration are requested to take a prior backup of the data.

Disadvantages of Using the Cutover Method:

  • Too complex method where the chances of human error are to the top.
  • In this method, users need to formulate the prerequisites before performing the Exchange to Office 365 migration.
  • It is a time-consuming method where it can gulp the days of the users.
  • There is no guarantee of desired and unaltered data migration.
  • This process doesn’t possess the Incremental Export feature that could resume the interrupted process.

An Automated Tool that Smoothens the Exchange to Office 365 Migration:

For an effective, secure, and unalterable migration, the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool is a one-stop utility. This tool is laced with countless features to help users in the migration in every way. The Incremental export feature of the tool powers users to get the process resumed each time it gets interrupted. Moreover, we will talk about its various features a bit later. Firstly, let’s see what users need to do to migrate Exchange 2010 to Office 365 or likewise.

exchange to office 365 pic



Download the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool. install it to launch and proceed as follows:

Phase1: Add Exchange Mailboxes

   Step1: Open the tool and click on Exchange Server Mailboxes from the left pane.

   Step2: Enter the credentials and hit Next, select the mailboxes, and press Finish.


Phase2: Connect to Office 365 for Export

   Step3: Now click on Office 365 from the ribbon bar, deal with appearing sub-folders, and consequently hit Next.

   Step4: Now, enter the credentials of Office 365 and hit Next.

   Step5: Perform Mailbox Mapping and proceed.

   Step6: Perform Folder Mapping and email translation and hit Next.

   Step7: The process will start and hit Finish when it ends.


Up-Sides of the Automated Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool:

  • Users can add the EDB files or the Exchange Live Server’s mailbox in any number and of any size.
  • It provides a picture-perfect and easy interface for the users to proceed in the migration.
  • Users can perform the Mailbox and Folder mapping task on this tool to migrate the items more accurately.
  • The tool also essentially comes with an email translation feature that allows users to get rid of the canonical email addresses.
  • The Incremental Export feature of the tool saves users from the collapsed progress of the process.
  • Filters are also possessed by the tool for the users to include or exclude any data accordingly.


The Final Lap:

So far, we have seen that the need for migration to Office 365 is evident. Office 365 provides better features and costs than Exchange Server. If we see down to this row for the migration, we have discussed the Cutover in brief and third-party utility. Users can adopt any of the methods for the Exchange to Office 365 migration however the professional recommend users to use the professional utilities. Moreover, if users like to analyze the Shoviv Exchange to Office migration tool in a FREE demo before purchase.




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Tuesday, 09th August 2022
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