Features And Benefits of Oracle Agile PLM

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oracle agile plm

It is the era of digitization with different product-oriented industries as manufacturing, food beverage, pharmaceuticals, high-tech industries, and retail are facing challenges in order to sustain in the international market. To stand out from the competitors, these industries must implement agile, innovative, and practical approaches in product development. The weak points can be fatal in the value chain process.

To alleviate the weak points and guarantee sustainability, you need a streamlined method for efficient handling of the product lifecycle. After doing extensive research on different product-oriented industries, Oracle enabled this approach to advance expertise and technological level. The perspective is known as Agile Product Lifecycle Management.

What Is Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a tactical method of handling a complete lifecycle of a product from the initial step of collection of design resources, production, customization, services to retirement. It is not only a technological solution but focuses more on other aspects as well, such as risk mitigation, cross-functional association, cost-effectiveness, rapid innovation, closed-loop quality control, and process competence.

Features of Oracle Agile PLM

Oracle handles product lifecycle strategically and effectively from inception to retirement and collaborates with the value chain.

Features of oracle agile PLM software for effective and seamless production.

  • Cost and quality management
  • Product portfolio management
  • Easy to learn experience
  • Quality checking dashboards
  • Dashboards management
  • Pedigree and serialization management
  • Product management and lifecycle analysis
  • Gantt chart for a dynamic and real-time project definition
  • Product collaboration
  • Materials and equipment or resources management
  • Documentation
  • PLM mobile apps
  • AutoVue enterprise visualization for Agile
  • Vigorous portfolio analysis and control
  • Quality control of Product Lifecycle management processes
  • Engineering collaboration
  • Enterprise quality communication
  • Customers’ requirements management
  • Identifying problems and issues management
  • Assumption of global product network
  • Manufacturer and supplier management
  • Monitoring compliance and governance
  • Taking corrective and preventive measures

Benefits of Agile PLM Software

Suppose you want to generate maximum value from the Agile PLM solution. You need to incorporate it with the whole supply chain management process (SCM) of the company. It offers a comprehensive solution to develop the best quality products in the global market and sustain competitiveness.

Oracle Agile PLM helps enterprises achieve their goals, including cost control, faster speed-to-market, governance of compliance, innovative approach, quality improvement, and shorter time to volume. Organizations can avail the following benefits from it:

Quality Customization Process

It enables a good quality customization process because of which the time interval between initial product development processes and configure-to-order can be reduced from months to days.  

Quality Enhancement

The software enables information gathering regarding corrective measures to mitigate loopholes and quality. By this, the organization can enhance the quality level of products according to customers’ demands.

Secure and Well-Timed Delivery

With this solution, enterprises can reorganize the demands of customers and covert these demands to manufacturing products. It also ensures that the products are delivered to the market timely, complying with all the local regulations and rules. PLM uses a strategic approach to help businesses speed up their market delivery process.

Implementation of Oracle Agile PLM

When you plan to implement the Oracle Agile PLM solution, it is crucial to opt for expert implementation service companies from Oracle’s global networks of a business partner like Xavor Corporation. Different industries have their own customer needs and their own concerns, so Product Lifecycle Management software has advanced solutions for a wide range of industries.

Food and Beverage

The software helps organizations launch new products cost-effectively and more quickly in the market in the food and beverage industry.


When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, the Oracle Agile PLM solution offers assistance for drug production, development, and commercialization. It ensures a comprehensive packaging system, integrated quality, and risk management. The pharmaceutical companies using this software can bring up new products in the market faster with lower costs and more secure way.


In the retail industry, the solution empowers retailers to gather product information, keep a record of private level goods, and collaborate with a global production network.

Medical Devices

It empowers manufacturers of medical devices to modernize the quality of their products and compliance.


In the companies handling high-tech equipment and electronic manufacturing, it enables manufacturers to take full control over every aspect of businesses.


The benefits of Agile PLM are enormous; it offers a complete range of execution, consulting, and support services for its users. You can make sure that they can choose in accordance with their needs and get benefits out of it.

With it, you can ensure that suppliers always have the most up-to-date product data, and they can provide design reviews and feedback instantly. Xavor is an Oracle partner and delivers software add-ons, integration, and consulting service around PLM offerings. We offer flexible deployment options to empower our clients to deploy in the cloud or on-prem.



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